What Harms To Health Adulterated Food Coming In Festive Season Cause?

Well, as Navratri have started, so does the festive season; but along with that, manufacturers especially sweet shops have started there adulterated food supply; because they know people will buy them maximum at this time.

But, they do not know that; if people buy these days, their adulterated food sweets maximum; people are also buying harms, they have hidden in sweets with food adulteration. But, this notion applies to earlier days; when people doing food adulteration does not know harms of food adulteration; but, now days with awareness campaigns creation in news on TV channels, newspaper’s news by media, now even manufacturer knows as well as buyer knows that food adulteration cause danger to health.

But, if you somehow missed those news, in which these harms of food adulteration were telecasted or published; then do not

worry. I am just giving you list of those harms again here in this article. But, if you have watched or read those news already; then, this article is remainder of them for you here. So, here are listed below, those harms-

1) Food poisoning-

Yes, adulterated food can cost you food poisoning; if manufactures doing food adulteration has adulterated sweets with health damaging chemicals. If you are already suffering from some illness; but, out of your desire to eat readymade sweets, if you have eaten this adulterated food; then it can cause you grave consequences along with food poisoning. So, its better, if you have your sweets prepared at home; then buying them ready made and suffering grave consequences.

2) Stomach ache, indigestion, loose stools-

Yes, adulterated food is loaded with harsh chemicals; whom human body cannot digest. Eating such harmful chemicals loaded adulterated food can cause stomach ache; that is, pain in stomach and in some, it can cause indigestion and in some loose stools for two to three days.

Cough, fever-

As, I said above, human body is not used to chemicals, used in food adulteration process and if your respiratory system has allergy from them; then it can cause respiratory problems like; cough, coryza or allergic fever.

4) Vomiting or nausea-

Sometimes, readymade food or sweets you buy in festive season, is so much adulterated; that before it get digested, human body immune system sense them and throws them out of body in form of vomiting or nausea. But, if you have not eaten such adulterated food; then you would be not having vomiting or nausea. So, avoid eating adulterated food, out of time deficiency to avoid these vomiting or nausea episodes.

5) Apthae in mouth, out of infection from adulterated food-

In some humans, adulterated food can cause apthae in mouth out of infection; which they bring along with them by wilting human immune system.

6) Allergic or inflammatory reaction-

As, I said above lots of chemicals are used in food adulteration process and if you have allergy form any of them, that this adulterated food contains; then it can start allergic reaction inside your body and starts inflammatory reaction, for which you need to take medicinal help from hospital.

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