How To Identify That A Person Is Suffering From Asthma Or Not?

Do you know, asthma is a disease of which system? Well, to inform you, asthma is a disease of respiratory system. Which area of respiratory system is affected by asthma? Well, answer to your this query is that a asthma affects airways of lungs of respiratory system.

But, what happens in this disease asthma?

In asthma, there occurs inflammation of airways of lungs and that too chronic one; which decrease space in airways, for air to pass in and out, which causes difficulty in breathing and other symptoms of asthma.

But, question is, what are other symptoms of asthma, with whom, you can identify asthma?

Well, the other symptoms of asthma, which happens to a asthmatic patient, are given below. If you recognize these symptoms in a person; then they are giving hint that he or she is suffering from asthma. Those, asthma indications or symptoms are-

  1. The first most commonly
    known symptom
    , which even layman knows is that one, which I have told you in 2nd paragraph of, this article. Yes, I am talking about symptom, “Difficulty in breathing”. This symptom occur in every stage of asthma, whether it is initial mild stage or middle moderately severe stage or last one very severe stage.
  2. 2nd symptom with, which you can identify asthma is that patient of asthma cough a lot; especially at night. With this cough, patient has lot of mucus collection, in airways; which further decrease space in airways, for air to pass through them; which causes difficulty in breathing.
  3. Wheezing, tightness of chest- Yes, asthma patient also complains of, feeling of tightness of chest or some heavy weight resting on chest. From the time, when the patient is suffering from asthma problem, he or she has not got relief from this symptom.
  4. Swelling of airways with excess mucus secretion and that too, thick one; is noticed very much in airways of asthma patient, on examination and not
    only, this mucus secretion also got increased beyond normal limits; in the airways and that too thick one, from the time when they are suffering, from asthma problem.
  5. Getting tired easily, difficulty in sleeping, dyspnoea during exertion, are most common symptoms that asthmatic patient complains of. Climbing stairs becomes a tiring task, for a asthmatic patient because whenever the victim climbs stairs, he or she feels dyspnoea that is, face difficulty in breathing, also called shortness of breath. Because of this shortness of breath, which occurs while doing any work, which involves exertion, they got tired easily.
  • But, why does this shortness of breath occurs during exertion? This occurs because of decreased space in airways for air to pass through, during breathing process. This space shortness is created, by swelling of airways and excess mucus secretion.
  • But that was about shortness of breath, but why do difficulty in sleeping occurs to an asthmatic patient? This occurs because of shortness of breath, when attack of asthma occurs during sleep; it wakes patient from sleep.

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    A very helpful article , thanks for sharing the information.
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      Thanks rubyhawk, for appreciation of the article.
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