4 Traits Of Defensive Personality

Well, it is told in psychology and as humans we have observed this fact; among other humans, that every person has different personality of his or her own; which is different from others and is defined by traits, which they show under their personality.

Sometimes certain number of humans show common traits and so they are grouped under that personality, which has these traits; which certain number of humans have in common. So, what is the conclusion? Conclusion is that there are both type of humans; one type, which have their own personality differing from others; but, there are also other type of humans, which share some traits of their own personality in common with others.

So, based on this difference in personalities between different humans; classification of personalities into different types was done and based on traits commonly shared by certain groups of humans,

they were grouped under different personality types; under that personality of whose traits they posses in common.

So, from different types of personalities, 1 such type is defensive personality. So, how to identify defensive personality? How to identify if a person is trying to be defensive can be known with traits of defensive personality they show. So, what are these traits, which humans with defensive personality show? Well, these traits are-

1) Put blame on others-

Yes, it is habit of defensive personality humans that they put blame of their wrong doing on others and never accept the fact in front of others that they did that mistake. Nor, do they feel shame in putting blame of mistake, which they themselves did. They do not feel guilt of fact that punishment of their wrong doings that person has got; who has not done that mistake. And, that person has to suffer punishment, because these defensive personality humans has put their blame on to that person.

2) Find excuses from taking responsibility-

Yes, they always start running, since the moment, they sensed that moment of responsibility coming on them. Whether, it is reasonability of some big task or some small task; they always run from situation. If you caught them

before they run; they know how to fool you. That means, if you caught them red handed from escaping from taking responsibility of task; they know how to fool you with their talented excuses.

3) Does not want to change-

Yes, these defensive personality humans have fixed idea mentality and does not want to change their idea or decision on anybody’s saying. But, so selfish in themselves these defensive personality humans are that they do not want to change their own fixed idea or decision on saying of others; but, want others to change their decision of giving him responsibility in few minutes.

4) Want to be center of attraction-

Yes, these defensive personality humans always want to be center of attraction and if they sensed or found that you are getting more praise, because you accepted the responsibility of doing some task and getting success in it more than them; they feel jealous of you. Although, they themselves run from doing task, because of which they are less succeeding than you; but, cannot bear you succeeding or any other in that task.

Although, they themselves are not putting any effort in doing that task; but, cannot bear you or any other to be center of attraction by succeeding in that task. They feel so jealous of you or any other person succeeding in task that they make every effort of you or any other not becoming center of attraction by succeeding in that task.

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