Top Health Steps Which Can Stop Food Adulteration In Festive Season

Before, I discuss top health steps, which can stop food adulteration; do you know, why some people do food adulteration in festive season?

Well, they do food adulteration in festive season to earn extra buck of money; because the materials or chemicals they used to do food adulteration are much cheaper than natural food stuffs. So, using cheap alternative chemicals in place of natural food stuffs, saving their money. So, it is saving them some money; and tell me, who does not love to have extra money bonus in festive season. But, these people are earning their extra money bonus, by not doing their work of preparing food; but by playing with health of so many, using cheap food alterative chemicals; which is


But, they does not care, what is right or wrong. They are doing, what they do always in festive season and that is; food adulteration, to earn extra buck of money bonus; even after knowing health harms, they do with food adulteration, which media is telling in news every day. But, they have no shame, they are still doing this food adulteration; even when media is telling repeatedly them in news, harms which food adulteration do.

So, it is high time, we should take some health steps or health measures to stop this food adulteration; by food adulterators or readymade food manufactures, who are doing food adulteration in festive season. So, what health steps should be taken to stop food adulteration?

Well, there are two types of health steps or health measures; which should be taken to stop food adulteration-

1) First step should be taken by people themselves-

So, what is first step, which should be taken by people

themselves? Well, that step is that people must chart out their time table in festive season; to manage out time to prepare sweets at home and should not buy readymade adulterated food. Because, food adulterators would be not able to sell their adulterated food; when there will be no demand for them. They are able to sell them, as you are buying them; because of your time deficiency to prepare sweet food at home. But, when you will prepare sweet food at home and not buy adulterated sweets; then there will be no public demand for adulterated food. And, food adulterators, will have no option; other than to prepare non-adulterated food.

2) Second step should be taken by Government-

Yes, second step Government need to take; to stop food adulterators, from making such adulterated food; by making some strong law, which penalize the food adulterator. And, Government should run food inspection in shops, to check and stop food adulteration; so that no food adulterators do the food adulteration. And, if anybody, found red handed doing food adulteration; then, that person should be given punishment, for his crime of food adulteration. It would be warning for those, who are not caught red handed.

Do you know- which form of food Seasonings is best Health meter wise?

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