7 Types Of Bandages

Yes, types of bandages is topic of today.

Earlier there were one two simple bandages, which were publicly available at retail store due to which confusion was less there in minds of people which one to way. But, now with advancement of medical science technology, a number of different types of bandages have come forth and now are easily available at medical retail shops; which were earlier available only in hospitals or on special demand.

So, what are these different types? Yes, what are these different types of bandages? If you ask me, are types of bandages discussed in this article are all the total types of bandages available

at present in medical system? Then my answer is no, these are not total, not all of them. I am discussing here only the main one, which you can easily remember when need for them arise.

So, these main selected types of bandages which we are going to discuss in this article are-

  1. Knuckle bandage.
  2. Simple Band-Aid.
  3. Butterfly bandage.
  4. Tension bandage.
  5. Donut bandage.
  6. Moleskin.
  7. Pressure bandage.

So, discussing them one by one, first is-

1) Knuckle bandage-

Knuckle bandage is H-shaped when you see it and has antiseptic medicine aid at horizontal strip of this H-shaped knuckle bandage. Horizontal medicated non-sticky strip is placed over wound and both the longitudinal and lateral strips of this H shaped knuckle bandage, which contain no antiseptic, stick the bandage at place, that is, used for sticking purpose and prevent displacement of center horizontal strip from over the wound.

2) Simple Band-Aid-

Simple Band-Aid is that bandage which is most commonly available at every medical store and whose commercial video you must have seen most commonly on TV. Yes, it is that the bandage strip which has sticking end; but antiseptic at center. This center portion is placed over wound to be treated and sticking ends of this bandage prevent slipping of bandage from place.

3) Butterfly bandage-

Butterfly bandage as the name suggests, just think of butterfly shape, wider wings portion on lateral sides and thin portion at center, to which wings are attached. Similar something is with butterfly bandage, which is thin at center but contains no medicated antiseptic aid at center, but sticky lateral ends.

Centre non-medicated portion is placed over those minor incised wounds, which can heal on their own; but to prevent opening of this minor incised cut center portion of butterfly bandage is placed over that minor cut for pressure purpose and sticking lateral ends prevent displacement of this central portion of bandage.

4) Tension bandage-

Tension bandage commonly known as “Garm Patti” in India is used in case of minor soft tissue injuries for healing purposes.

5) Donut bandage-

Donut bandage as name suggests is of shape of donut; but does not contain chocolate, if you are thinking that. It just has shape of donut and used in case of punctured wounds, where something foreign minor object has entered inside puncture wound; for expulsion of which this donut bandage is applied. But remember, center hole of this bandage should come over or encircle punctured wound and adhesive tape is applied on sides of this bandage for sticking purpose but not at center hole portion.

6) Moleskin-

Moleskin is somewhat similar to donut bandage, but not as thick as donut bandage. In fact, it is thin than it and its center hole portion is placed over or encircle blister and thin adhesive bandage is applied over this center hole portion, to prevent contamination of blister.

7) Pressure bandage-

As name suggests main purpose of it is pressure application, but also contains medicated antiseptic at one end. This medicated end is placed over wound and rest of non-medicated long thin portion of pressure bandage is rolled over the wound, when wound is on arm or legs, thigh or forearm and then 2nd end after complete rolling is sealed with adhesive tape.

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