4 Things To Take Care During Change Of Weather From Winter To Summer

Know what you need to do between winter to summer.

Weather change from winter to summer, also requires some safety actions just like required in seasonal changes of other weather shifts. As, it is also kind of weather change and as weather is also changing in it; so, it becomes pre-requirement to be ready with the things which will be needed to be taken care during weather shift from winter to summer.

When weather changes from winter to summer, it is very rejuvenating period. And, this rejuvenating period called spring bring new breeze, new life in plants everywhere. Plants weaken by cold winter starts to re-flourish, re-budding of flowers starts again.

But, in this life full environment of spring; people forget to follow safety precautions which needed to be followed, if a human does not want to be sick because of temperature alternations of weather.

So, 4 health safety things, which you need to take care during change of weather from winter to summer are as follow-

  1. Thing number one- Number one is first of all, clothing. Do not immediately shift to half sleeves of summer. Wear full sleeves yet; as weather is not warm enough to favor half sleeves comfort, but comfortable enough to be without sweaters and blazers. So, you can remove heavy warm clothing and wear full covered summer clothing layer; but cannot wear half sleeve clothing.
  2. Thing number two- Next is food. Does not shift to cold food; as weather is not warm enough, which requires cold things ingestion; but also is not cold enough that you need
    to munch deep fried and buttery things. So, you can cut down on deep fried, buttery things and can have a small bit of warm things like tea, coffee, and a small bit of warm simple meal average on calories as you have in monsoon.
  3. Thing number three- Next is hygiene, which is required averagely in every season; but not as much as in monsoon season. So, you can go with average hygiene; but do not do no hygiene.
  4. Thing number four- Next last thing on this issue to be taken care of, is home appliances. As weather is not cold enough during this change of the weather called spring; so, you can shut down your heaters, but do not think of switching on your fans, because weather is not that much warm yet, which allow switch on mode of fans.

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