5 Health-giving Sauces That You Can Eat, With Fried Snacks Are

Festive season has started with Holi festival in March 2015. After bunch of days of Holi festival; there will come Navratri and Ram Navami festival. And this festival season, will continue till April 2015, in which Bhisakhi festival and Akshya Tritiya festival, will come too.
5 Health-giving Sauces that you can Eat, with Fried Snacks are
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With every festive season, there starts festive season of snacks eating, on most of festive days. But in enjoying consumption of snacks; do not forget your health care. Consume them with, right health sauce and consume only, healthy snacks.

So, in today’s article, I will discuss different types of healthy sauces that you can eat with, your healthy snacks. And which snacks, are considered healthy that I have discussed in my previous article, link to which I have given below in bottom of this article.

Now comes, list of sauces, which are considered healthy sauces and which you can eat with, your

healthy snacks are-

1) Homemade sauces-

Yes, first condition that your healthy sauce, must fulfill is that it should be home made. 

  • If possible, make healthy sauce at home and avoid contaminated readymade sauces.
  • Now, you know that you should consume, homemade sauces because those are considered healthy;
  • but which homemade sauces, are considered healthy one, that is told below in rest of the points of this article-

2) Peppermint and coriander sauce-

Yes homemade sauce, made out of peppermint and coriander leaves, is best health sauce that you can consume with, your healthy snacks. And this sauce, also helps in digesting; those healthy snacks, which you have consumed, with this health sauce.

3) Tomato garlic sauce-

Tomato garlic sauce, is also one of healthy sauces; which not only helps, in digesting snacks, but also improves your digestion and eye sight.

4) Imli sauce-

Imli sauce, not only add, tangy flavor to your healthy snacks; but also contains, certain specific nutrients; which help

in digesting those snacks. And jaggery, used in Imli sauce, helps in purifying your blood, of toxins that have entered, in your body, from contaminated sources.

5) Soya sauce-

Soya sauce is such, a healthy sauce that not only make, your healthy snacks yummy; but also add essential vitamins, to your body; when you consume it. And what is so amazing about this sauce that

  • you do not require, excess quantity of this sauce; just add ½ teaspoon of it to your 1 bowel of curd and your healthy sauce combination, is ready
  • that you consume with your fried or crunchy snacks.

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