4 Emergency Treatment Tips For Honey Bee Bite

Everybody gets honey bee bite or their known one person gets once in their life.

When honey bee bites, there arise emergency kind of situation; as the burning which arises after bite of honey bee is unbearable.

But, if you are bitten by so many honey bee, then it is really emergency situation, which need immediate emergency treatment. But, lot of time get wasted in reaching to hospital. This transit time which gets wasted in during transit to hospital is very crucial. If some of the basic emergency treatment, which is to be given at hospital; if given in this transit time can save honey bee bite victim from going to worse condition.

So, some of the

basic emergency treatment tips, which must be used immediately after honey bee bite are-

  1. Emergency treatment tip number 1- is that wash honey bee bite anatomical body site with surf or soap. It will kill honey bee's venom effect to great extent.
  2. Emergency treatment tip number two- Apply ice packs on part which gets swollen with honey bee bite. It will cool down the burning sensation caused after honey bee bite to great extent.
  3. Emergency treatment tip number 3- Rub the sting area where honey bee has bitten, with iron bangle or iron bracelet. Do not rub directly with your nails. Rubbing with iron bangle on iron bracelet will kill venom effect of honey bee bite to much better level. A lot of itching happens after honey bee bite. It remains for some weeks even after emergency treatment at hospital. So, do not make mistake of rubbing with your nails, instead rub with blunt iron bangle or blunt iron bracelet. But, do not use sharp iron bracelet or
    bangle because that will injure. Only use blunt iron bangle or blunt iron bracelet.
  4. Emergency treatment tip number four- Very important emergency treatment is medicine. Go to your doctor. Reach timely at hospital and have early and emergency medicinal treatment from doctor. No doubt, above emergency treatment tips kill the honey bee venom to great extent, but not completely. To kill venom of honey bee completely, individual custmoised emergency medicinal treatment, which doctor gives at hospital is very necessary. So, have your emergency medicinal treatment from doctor at hospital.

But, in transit time of reaching to hospital after honey bee bite, use above 3 emergency treatment tips. These above 3 emergency treatment tips, when used during transit time; improves your prognosis of getting better from emergency medicinal treatment given at hosptial and save you from going to worse unrepairable condition; which cannot be repaired with medicine if above 3 emergency treatemnt tips are not given during transit time.

So, these are emergency treatment tips, which you can use during honey bee bite injury incidence.

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