Top Psoriasis Causes You Must Be Aware Of

Psoriasis is a skin disease and that too chronic one and not only old age humans are sufferer of it. But, sometimes humans in child age do suffer. So, that was which age group can be next victim of this chronic disease.

But, does that mean every person of above group suffer from it? Does every human falling under above group suffer from Psoriasis? No every person does not suffer from Psoriasis, who falls under above age group. If not everybody suffer from psoriasis in above group, then who does suffer? Only those people from above age group suffer from psoriasis disease, who either have history of following or presently having following causes in their life-

  1. Stress can be in any form, whether anxiety of some evil danger or it can be in form of depression or stress of guilt feeling for something.
    Whether it is anxiety, guilt or depression, all of them create a kind of stress in mind as well as in body; which is not a normal reaction and abnormal reaction in human body creates what? Yes, diseases, and psoriasis is one of those which can be born out of it.
  2. Evil effects of allopathic medicines, one such evil harm also is psoriasis. Although steroids, which are given for treatment is also a kind of allopathic medicine, which also has its own evil harm along with benefit. So, in place of having another list of evil harms occurring in body by getting yourself treated with allopathic medicine; my advice to you is that get yourself treated with those medicines which are side effect proof under which comes Ayurvedic as well as Homeopathic treatment from a right qualified Doctor.
  3. Most of the time it has been observed that people who are psoriasis prey, their parents or any parental or maternal blood relative was also psoriasis prey and carrying the code of disease in their genes, which gets inherited from one human generation to next human generation of family.
  4. Winter is no doubt not a cause of psoriasis disease, but most of time psoriasis preys complaint that their disease is getting aggravated in days of winter weather. And, some are so badly suffering from psoriasis chronic disease that on one place most of psoriasis victim
    complaints that they are having psoriasis complaints getting aggravated in days of winter weather; but on other place there are other kind of psoriasis sufferer whom psoriasis has so badly tortured that their disease complaints are aggravating even in summer while most other psoriasis sufferer get relief in summer.
  5. Any history of injury, HIV infection, smoking and alcohol have been traced by medical scientists as one of the causes of psoriasis disease’s birth in some cases.
  6. Who else can get tortured from psoriasis disease? Can any metabolic disease agonizer can suffer from psoriasis disease? Yes, metabolic disease sufferer too can suffer; but question is, of which metabolic disease? Does of any one metabolic disease or of all? Well, answer to this is that diabetes mellitus, especially type 2 is one such metabolic disease; whose victim can also become victim of psoriasis.
  7. Similar story is for chronic diseases like arthritis and obesity, whose few patients can become psoriasis victims in future. Remember only some, not all of them. Similar do story is for cardiovascular disease sufferer, who also need to have special skin checkup sessions, because they can too catch psoriasis in future.

So, whoever who is having thick red, white or silvery patches on specific body parts like elbow, knees or back or have history of above causes or presently suffering from above causes; needs to be very cautious of their skin health, to save them from psoriasis chronic disease.

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