7 Causes Responsible For Dark Circles Around Human Eyes

Know in today's article why dark circles around eyes results.

Normally, the area around human eyes is not darkened; but, if it is found that an area around human eyes of darkened color as compared to rest of the face complexion color shade, then it is abnormal; which need rectification as soon as possible.

But, what are causes for dark circles appearing around human eyes? What are causes for skin darkening around eyes as compared to normal complexion of a human individual?

The main 7 causes for it are-

  1. Cause number one- stress is one of the major cause responsible for dark circles or in simple words, darkish discoloration around eyes as compared
    to normal skin color of rest of the face of person.
  2. Cause number 2- Chronic anxiety is also one of the important cause for chronic discoloration of skin around eyes to blackish tint as compared to rest of face.
  3. Cause number three- Aging is cause, which you identify in a person with certain signs from age in year person told you. And, dark circles around eyes also one of the side effect of ageing.
  4. Cause number 4- is too much work on computer. Yes, too much computer work can, not only cause fatigue in eyes; but also causes dark circles around eyes. But, how can too much computer work can cause skin darkening around eyes? This it causes through itching it cause in eyes; due to which you rub your eyes, which rupture the blood vessels around eyes. Due to these damaged blood vessels of skin around eyes, the skin around eyes appear dark.
  5. Cause number five- is too
    much exposure to sunlight. Too much sun exposure, tans the skin much more around the eyes as compared to it tan the rest of the sun exposed skin. If you are exposing your skin too much to sunlight by working in or roaming around in bright sunny days of summer; when eyes are too much exposed to sunlight, tan damage caused by sunrays is then maximum.
  6. Cause number 6- is working in dim light. Working in dim light, as put strain on eyes and not only weaken eye vision; but also lessen eye health. Decreased eye health also one of the causes for dark circles around eyes.
  7. Cause number seven- is nutritional deficiency diseases. Nutritional deficiency diseases also lower eye health and also predisposes them to various diseases. As, skin around eyes is very delicately soft and it damage much more badly from nutritional deficiency diseases. And, skin darkening around eyes and sunken eyes are also some of the important signs of diseases arose from nutritional deficiencies.

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