When You Should, Drink Water And When Not?

We all know that water is, good for health; like air is, crucial to live. But anything, which is good for health or crucial for health; does not give green signal that keep on gulping it, unnecessarily. There is right way, to consume everything and same applies, to water consumption.
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So today, I will discuss, what is right way to drink water? When you should, drink water and when not; yes, it also comes under, right way to drink water? After how much, time gap, you should drink water, after food; also comes under, right way to drink water.                                      

So, first comes answer to query-

When you should not drink water?

First comes answer to, when you should not drink, water and those situations are-

a) Well, you should not drink water, neither immediately before, exercising; nor immediately, after exercising.

b) 2nd type of situation- in which, you should not drink water; those are neither

immediately, before eating nor immediately after eating.

  • Only obese people, are allowed to drink water; immediately before eating; to lessen their, obesity disease condition; but not anybody else, is instructed to do so, who is not suffering from obesity.

c) 3rd type of situation- when you should not drink water, is not immediately; before bathing and swimming.


Well, above are situations, when you should not drink water; but if sharp thirst quench, arises in these situations; then what to do then?

  • Well, there is a particular time gap, after which you are allowed, to drink water and those are told below; under answer to following question-

When you should drink water?

Well, when you should drink water in above situations; as I told above, after certain time gap and that time gap is-

a) In 1st kind of situation; that is exercising-

You can drink water, at time gap of 1/2 hour; after exercising and

  • not immediately, before and after exercising.

b) In 2nd type of situation that is eating food-

You can drink water, after time gap of 1/2 hour; after eating

and neither immediately, before nor after eating.

  • Because if you drink water immediately, before eating; then that will fill up stomach and you will eat food, below normal requirement.
  • And, if you drink water immediately, after eating; then that will slow, digestion process and may cause indigestion and flatulence.

c) In 3rd type of situation that is, swimming or bathing-

Well you can drink only 1/2 hour, after bathing or swimming and not immediately, before swimming or bathing.

  • Because if you drink water immediately before bathing or swimming; then it will cause indigestion or fever.

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