Why You Should Not Take Fish Oil Supplements Without Advice Of Doctor?

Everybody know how beneficial fish oil supplements are for health.

If you do not know then, here is short brief summery that they help in abating inflammatory diseases and degenerative diseases. They keep them away and keep heart and whole human body healthy. And, they are nutrient rich. But, that does not mean that you gulp on fish oil supplements in inappropriate doses without doctor's advice. Because their consumption in incorrect dose can damage health instead of improving.

There are 5 certain reason for it that why you should not take fish oil supplements without doctor's advice. And, those reasons are-

1. First reason is- fish oil supplements, if not taken in

right dose can cause harm. Yes, if they are engulfed in high doses without doctor's advice, then it can cause drastic harm.

2. Second reason is- if you are already taking nutrients contained in fish oil supplements from various dietary sources, then taking fish oil supplements additionally can result in high doses of nutrients inside body. Higher dose of any nutrient is fatal, just like is lower dose; human body requires normal dose to function normally. So, do not take them yourself. Let doctor do his work, he will review your diet on nutritional plane that whether it is delivering you all the nutrients which fish oil supplements supply.

3. Taking right variety of fish oil supplement is necessary- If you are consuming fish oil supplement of inferior quality, which does not have essential nutrients in them, then what is use of taking them. Because, they are taken to supply essential nutrients. Health doctor can better help you in

choosing right variety of fish oil supplement; which supply all essential nutrients and how much dose of them your body requires.

4. There are certain diseases whose patients cannot bear certain variety or dose of fish oil supplements. So, your doctor will evaluate, whether you are victim of those diseases or not and whether fish oil supplements your body can accept or does not accept at all or accept them to some extent.

  • Yes it is true that fish oil supplements treat certain diseases, but it also true that it does not suit certain patients of certain disease, which doctor can evaluate best.

5. Fish oil supplements shopping should be done in amount- told by doctor and not in excess. This is because of reason that they go rancid easily and to save them from rancidity you need to bought them in amount doctor advice you and then keep in fridge to prevent their rancidity.

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