Why Vitamin C Should Be Consumed In Moderate Amount And Not Excess?

Know few facts related to vitamin C dosage intake.

Vitamin C no doubt is very helpful in maintaining health; but it can produce harms, if consumed beyond limits considered normal for human body. That is, consuming vitamin C beyond normal limits approaching to large dose limit is harmful. This is reason why it should be consumed in quantity limits considered normal for human body; which is very low from one to two mg. Consuming vitamin C beyond this quantity limit in excess is hazardous to human health.

If it is hazardous to human health, then what harms consuming excess of vitamin C produce to human body?

  1. The harms, which consuming excess
    of vitamin C produces in human body; of them number one is stomach inflammation.
  2. Second harm, which can occur to human body; if an individual keep on swallowing large doses of vitamin C is, repeated diarrhea attacks in place of regular bowel movements.
  3. Third harm which can result from excess vitamin C supplement intake beyond normal limit considered fit for human body is, improper absorption of vitamin b12; resulting in deficiency of vitamin B12 in human body of individual taking large dose of vitamin C. This is also one of the reason why it is recommended that vitamin C should be consumed only moderately and not beyond normal limits.
  4. Fourth and fifth harm excess vitamin C consumption result in; is flatulent abdomen and recurrent abdominal pains and disturbed pH balance of human body.
  5. Sixth and other harms excess vitamin C consumption result in; one of them is disturbed action of insulin hormone resulting in diabetes. Whereas, if vitamin C consumed in moderate
    ; then it cures diabetes by correcting disturbed insulin response.
  6. Next harm it can cause is kidney stones; disturb vitamin E action, if consumed in excess. Whereas, if it is consumed in low to moderate quantity, then it helps curing kidney stones and also better absorption of vitamin E.
  7. Rest of the harms which vitamin C produce, if consumed in excess is disturbing action of allopathic blood thinning medicines and cause dental enamel erosion and increase risk to gout and result in false reports of certain laboratory tests.

So, that was regarding all harms which can result in your body; if you do not follow vitamin C supplementary guidelines advised by doctor to you.

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  • Kan  21-08-2014
    I take one orange everyday, is that OK? or is it overdoes of Vitamin c?
    reply 0
    • Dr.Simran  22-08-2014
      Well, kan that is perfectly ok.
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