Why Moderate Amount Of Fat Is Good For Health But Harmful In Excess?

You must have attended seminar sessions, on issue reduce fat intake in your diet. But, you certainly not have read an article, or attended a seminar on issue of why one should not eliminate usage of fat in diet totally.

But question is, is it true that one should have at least a slight or moderate amount of fat in diet? Yes, it is true that one must consume at least a slight or moderate amount of fat in diet. But, question is, why one must have slight or modest amount of fat in diet when you know that excess of fat harm human body?

Yes, it is true that excess of fat is hurtful for human body, it causes countless fatal heart diseases inside human body; but moderate or slight amount of fat is crucial to run a number of

human body functions and also in forming and maintaining different body structures. So, reasons why modest amount of fat is good for health, why it is necessary to have moderate quantity of fat in your balanced food plan are as follow-

I) Moderate amount of fat is compulsory to run digestion process of food properly. Moderate amount of fat service in absorption of fat soluble vitamins like vitamin A, D and K; whereas excess of fat customs plaque formation inside human body. Hence, just include only moderate volume of fat in your régime which is satisfactory enough to run various body functions. So, summon up, fat is required only in moderate amount, not in surplus by human body.

II) Moderate amount of fat is satisfactory enough to form cushioning layer of vital organs, which not only protects from frictional injuries; but also contribute insulating layer to protect them from electrical shocks and give cushion effect to them during hard bumps.

III) Utmost important task which fat do is that they discharge lot of energy on catabolism during digestion process inside human body. This released energy human body procedures to run various functions and chemical

reactions inside human body which entails lot of energy input.

IV) Fat in moderate amount is mandatory by human body to form cell membranes of a number of cells. It assistances in formation of lipoproteins of cell membranes. So, fat in this way, funds in forming a part of structural composition of cell membranes.

V) Moderate amount of fat in form of massaging with oil, contributes strength to your hairs, making them sturdy, smooth and shiny.

VI) Just like the way fat make your hairs strong, it also assistances in keeping your skin healthy. Moisturizing skin with almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil or any moisturizer which is oil based, contains oil like almond oil, Shea butter, palm oil, coconut oil improves your skin health. Fat make your skin much smoother, shiny and eradicates all the dryness it have. It also eliminates and lessens various wrinkles which form on skin due to dryness produced out of deficiency of fat moisture.

VII) Fat along with conditioning your skin, forms a shielding fatty layer over skin, which is not only electric shock-proof, but also waterproof. Hence, defends skin from electric shocks. It also halts evaporation of water available in skin. It also averts entry of water from exterior beneath the shielding fatty layer of skin.

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