Why Indian Women Are More Prone To Suffer From Stroke?

Stroke is such a disease of humans, which attacks both gender populations, of human species. Whether, it is male gender population or female gender population; both are not exempted from it, but it is more noticed in stroke victims that women suffers, more from it.

And, what is more surprising that women sufferers being more in number; still women health is ignored in India. Question is, why number of stroke women sufferer increasing in India? Well reasons for this increase in number are-

1) Ignorance of women's rest time-

Ignorance of women's rest time, is very much of fashion, in India. It is prevalent like fashion, as she is expected to first serve food, to whole family members and then eat in last; first take care of every body’s daily chores and then, she can take care of her; in last after, everybody's work requirement she has


  • Her rest time is totally ignored by Indian families; as she does, her work of take caring of everybody's daily chores, health and food, even on Holidays; when everybody is resting, she is not expected to rest. No rest time, leads to ignorance of health and ignorance of health, results in increase risk to stroke.

2) Ignorance of stroke Woman patient's take care-

It is very customarily found, among Indian families that women's take care; is very honor fully ignored by men, when she is stroke patient. Whereas, when men is stroke patient, women take care of his health; but when, women is stroke patient in Indian families; men take them very less, for follow up treatment of stroke; after emergency treatment.

  • Whereas, women take care of men stroke patient’s follow up treatment, very carefully. Her rest period is also very much ignored; as told above,
    whether she is suffering from stroke or not. Ignoring women's health, is fashion, honor in India.

3) Ignorance of Women’s Nutrition-

Ignorance of women's nutrition, is one such agenda; which is ignored utmost in India, sometimes by women herself and sometimes by her in-laws, knowingly ignore. Because, main agenda is that whole family should have their complete nutrition; than whether women of house, has her complete nutrition or not; from food. Incomplete nutrition, results in weak immune system; which increases risk of getting any disease state; then whether, it is stroke or any other disease.

4) Emotional torture given more to women-

Emotional torture, which some India families do to women of house; also weaken the immune system of woman's body and let woman suffer from diseases, caused out of stress of emotional torture. Stroke is example of one such disease, which is caused out of stress, of emotional torture.

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