Why Count Of Cancer Victims Increasing Now As Compared To Past Era?

Earlier, it were few in a country, in a state; who suffer from cancer. If collection were done on state wise basis, very few people were found to suffer from cancer disease in past era. But, now these days, the count is increasing even in a town.

Yes, earlier very rarely, you would come to hear of a person suffering from cancer in a town; but now it is not so. Now, you find people suffering from cancer very easily in your locality and your nearby town. But, what is the reason behind it? What has changed in time between this past era to present era that this count is increasing so rapidly?

Why total count of people suffering from cancer increasing these days? Well, it sure would have some reasons behind' which are favoring rapid development of this cancer disease in more number of people; now even

in towns, which earlier affects very few people in a state. And, those reasons are causes favoring its development, which make more number of persons prone to suffer from this disease cancer and those causes are-

  1. Increased traffic due to increased number of vehicles.
  2. Refined food due to increased public demand.
  3. Complex fabric of clothes leading to complex disease cancer.
  4. Stress of maintaining rich lifestyle.

So, let’s discuss each of them one by one-

1) Increased traffic due to increased number of vehicles-

Yes, increased traffic due to increased number of vehicles these days as compared to past era, is somewhere indirectly responsible for development of cancer in so many people. Now, I am sure you would ask, how increased traffic is responsible for cancer development? Then, tell me where increased traffic is, where there are more number of vehicles and where there are more number of vehicles running on road, what would you find there? You would find there air pollution. And, air pollution you all know when you are exposed to it on everyday basis, what it causes?

  • Yes, cancer of respiratory tract. But, how it causes it? It causes cancer by making human respiratory tract’s immune system get damaged slowly and slowly from carcinogens, which cause cancer. Carcinogens coming from smoke of polluted air of air pollution cross this damaged human immune barrier easily and develop cancer in respiratory tract’s sometimes in one particular zone and sometimes in more than one zone.

2) Refined food due to increased public demand-

How it causes cancer? It causes cancer by weakening human immune system. Human immune system is barrier shield between cancer causing carcinogens and human body. Strong immune system does not let carcinogens to develop cancer inside body; by not letting them pass its strong shield

which protects human body.

  • But, when human system is weak, then protective barrier shield also becomes weak in strength; which cannot stop carcinogens from crossing this shield and they when enter inside body, start developing cancer in human body. But, question is how refined food causes weakening of human immune system, which ultimately favors this cancer developing procedure? Refined food causes weakening of human immune system by not providing it basic nutrient elements, which hastens cancer development inside human body.

3) Complex fabric of clothes leading to complex disease cancer-

How it causes cancer? Well earlier in past era people wore cotton clothes made from cotton fabric, which is best suited to human skin. But, in present era, now clothes with polyester fabric or blended nylon fabrics are worn more. It is not like that people does not work in sun in past era, they do work for prolonged hours; but they did not wear complex clothes of complex fabric polyester, they used to wore cotton clothes.

  • And, in that era even after working too much in sun cases of skin cancer or skin diseases were very less, as people used to protect their skin against harsh rays of sun with cotton clothing. And, number of harsh rays of sun get filtered by ozone layer of atmosphere; as it was not that much damaged by air pollution of jets, aeroplanes as much it is damaged now.

4) Stress of maintaining rich lifestyle-

It was not there is past era, as much it is now in present era. In those days, people ate health nourishing nutritious food, wore skin health protecting cotton clothes, no pollution was there in air. But, now stress of maintaining rich lifestyle is increasing and in this stress people are ignoring cancer development stopping healthy lifestyle.

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