Why Being Perfectionist Every Time Is Harmful?

Perfectionist is term awarded to many, as honor to many; because the way, they do their work and some are born with this gift. But, if it is a gift; then, why it is said in title that being perfectionist every time is harmful?

It is said, because when perfectionism is done within the limits your body allows; that means, the perfection limit up to which your body can perform worked allotted perfectly is used, then it is gift; but, when it is done out of human body limits, crossing which if you try to put perfection at everyplace; your body starts producing some abnormal signs and symptoms; then that is called over-perfectionism. By developing some abnormal signs and symptoms, it has started diseased state inside human body, which is first harm of over perfectionism.

So, what are other harms of over perfectionism? Well, there

are collection of harms; which, I will be telling you next and these harms are the reasons, why being perfectionist every time is harmful.

First harm-

I already told you above that it develops diseased state inside human body.

Second harm- Not allow time for healing of human body-

Being over-perfectionist every time in every task needs extra time to do over work; which this over-perfectionism demands. And, this extra time which you need to put in over perfectionism; sometimes does not allow time to rest. Rest time is very crucial to heal diseased state, which over perfectionism has developed inside body.

Third harm- Allow disease causing maintaining cause to stay-

As, I said above in 2nd harm rest is very crucial to heal diseased state and as over perfectionism do not allow time for rest; therefore, it helps disease maintaining cause called “no rest” to stay and help in diseased state to turn from acute to chronic and cause chronic diseases

Biggest harm- have to leave over perfectionism, which you love because of over perfectionism itself.

  • Yes, you have to leave over-perfectionism, for which you have passion; without which you cannot remain. If you feel your day incomplete,
    if you did not do it
    ; then be prepared in mind to leave it one day. You must be thinking, why one need to leave it, just because of over perfectionism itself?
  • It is because of above reasons, one reason does allow rest time to heal diseased state and third reason by not allowing disease healing; help it take shape of chronic disease. As, it does not allow time for disease healing, the chronic diseases which it develops go into such pathological stages and produce such side effects; that you would not be able to do a little work. And, when you will be not able to do little work; then just think, how would you do this over perfectionism? You would have no option; just to leave it.

So, if you love over-perfectionism and love to perfect everything every time; then please skip doing it every time; so, that you can continue with normal perfectionism with important tasks; by skipping perfectionism in very less important task and not have to leave your normal perfectionism. So, continue with normal perfectionism with important tasks; but skip perfectionism in very less important task; but do not do over perfectionism; as it can cost you leaving normal perfectionism in very important tasks.

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