Which Skin Care Product You Should Buy And Which Not?

Yes, your skin is very vital part of your human body and it is your duty whatever you apply over it, should help in preservation of its health, not destruction of its vital immune barrier.

But question is, how to know that skin care product you have applied on your skin is right one? Earlier there were selected brands, but now are countless skin care product brands. Question is, how to choose out right one from countless brands? But, let me correct you here, it is not that much difficult task as it seems, if you know the right constituent.

So your answer to, how to choose right skin care product, is to do following two tasks; which when you complete, you will get right skin care product-

  1. 1st task is to know the right constituents, which
    benefit skin health.
  2. 2nd task, is to find out skin care products with these right constituents.

Now question is, how to complete 1st task because 1st task completion can help in completing 2nd task? Well do not worry, I will help you here in finishing both these tasks.

Guidelines for both above tasks are as follow-

1) 1st task- How to know right constituents which benefit skin health?

Well answer to this is here, the right constituents which benefit skin health are herbal constituents. Yes, these are herbal constituents which benefit skin health and not destruct it; because they are coming from natural and not through artificial synthesized process. Yes, chemicals from which artificial synthesized replacement products prepared for replacement of natural constituents are not beneficial; on the opposite they are skin health destroyer. Well to make it easy to understand, I quote here you an example comparing effects of herbal constituents coming from natural source and artificial synthesized products coming from artificial sources, that is, chemicals.

And, that example is here- Comparison of herbal constituent Henna coming from natural source nature and chemical based black dye for coloring hairs coming from artificial sources chemicals-

  • Henna when applied to hairs for coloring them, gives more than one benefits; but no harm. And, these more than one benefits are- first of all color hair, second benefit this color does not harm, does not produce any side effects; third benefit is moisturize hair and fourth benefit is soothes scalp with its cooling effect that keep your
    head cool, which was earlier hotten up by summer heat and mind work load.
  • Whereas artificially synthesized black chemical dye give only one benefit of coloring hairs and gives more than one harm for example, wane hair strength, produce side effects on hairs and scalp skin too. One such side effect is make hairs excessively dry. Another side effect weaken the human eye sight.

So, this was about 1st task, moving on to next task, 2nd task.

2) 2nd task- To find out skin care products with these right constituents-

Well this task though time consuming, but is easy when you have completed the 1st task. And, since you know the right consituents now are herbal ingredients comings from natural source are right ingredients for good skin health, start your task of finding out the skin care products with these herbal constituents and not chemical one.

  • And to know, whether a skin care product contain herbal constituents or artificial, read the ingredient list posted on labels of skin care products, where all the constituents, which product contain are mentioned. And, if you are worried does every skin care product contain this ingredient list posted on skin care product, then do not worry, because Government of every country has made it compulsory to mention this to every skin care manufacturer to mention on every skin care product as per instructions of WHO.

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