Which Mind Sharpening Health Activities Students Should Do In Exams?

Health activities to promote health of exam student is topic of today.

There are some specific health activities, which one should do in exams; as they will help in sharpening mind of students in exam sessions. Sharp mind is very much required during exam sessions, so that exam student can prepare, revise as much good and fast before exams and can answer as much fast in exams. So, are you aware of these mind sharpening health activities?

If no, here is list of mind sharpening health activities which student should do in exams for good health; which will ultimately help them in good exam preparation, revision and good exam performance-

  1. Sleep in right amount
    is utmost necessary and health activity number 1. Yes sometime exam students prepare so hardly for exams that they sleep in wrong amount. What is wrong sleep amount? It is sleeping less than normal sleep amount required for good health and maintaining good memory recalling in exams. If it is that, then what is normal sleep amount? Normal sleep amount is sleeping for at least 8-9 hours per night in exams.
  2. Exam student should not make a mistake of preparing every day a week for exams is health activity number 2. Because, it will cause worse damage to health; instead, if you exam student take a holiday from exam preparation for a day a week, then it will not only give you time to rest; but session of holiday also motivates you to do exam preparation with much enthusiasm and new ideas.
  3. Health activity number 3- is a little bit morning walk necessary for exam student once a week. As whole day, they keep sitting for exam study and play activities is reduced; so just to loosen up body from exam stress caused out of whole day study work, a little bit morning walk is
    just a best stress reliever.
  4. Health activity number 4- is maintaining right diet for good exam preparation as well as for good health preparation for giving exams. What one should eat and should not eat that I have discussed in previous ExpertsColumn article, whose link is given below in bottom of article.
  5. Massage with almond oil in head is health activity number 5 which improves brain memory capacity. And, maintaining hygiene during exams is health activity number 6, which helps in maintaining good health required for, to able to perform in exams.
  6. A little bit playing and TV. sessions, if half hour is allowed during exams in a day, then is that beneficial?. This acts as a break from study session and rejuvenates the exam student's tired body; so yes it is beneficial. It is health activity number 7.
  • If this break is not taken and student keep studying whole day, then it will worsen the health the same way just like not studying results in poor performance in exams.
  • This TV. session or playing session also eliminate fear of exams evoked before and during exams due to nervousness of, how to perform or anxiety of what will come in exam.

Next know- What one should eat and should not eat in exams?

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  • goldstay  30-08-2014
    We will be having our exams next week and it is a great thing to know these tips. What I only knew was that sleeping in the right amount of time and having a morning walk boosts the memory. Thanks for sharing
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