Which Face Pack Is Right For Your Skin?

There are lot of face packs combination which can be used for different types of skins. But, there are lot of confusion along with these different combinations, which one to choose?

Well as every doctor advise, choose face pack which fulfill your skin requirement; that is to say, best suited to your skin. If you know what your skin type; then do not waste time and energy in using wrong face pack on your skin. Use the right one. And, this task of choosing the right one for your skin, I will make easy for you because today I will tell you which face pack is best for which skin.

So, here comes different types of face pack; but not all total types; only main one and best one-

  1. Cucumber and peppermint or
    basil based face pack.
  2. Fruit based face pack.
  3. Gel based face pack.
  4. Fuller’s earth and neem leaves based face pack.

Now first is,

1) Cucumber and peppermint or basil based face pack-

Cucumber, peppermint and basil based face pack combination is right for oily skin. Yes, it is because it fulfills all the basic requirements oily skin needs correction. Yes, oily skin needs correction from excess sebum collection in skin pores in two ways; first by removing this excess sebum time to time and second by preventing excess sebum collection.

  • And, this cucumber, peppermint and basil all of them in a combination in form of face pack remove both excess sebum collection in skin pores and as well prevents excess sebum collection; by delaying its formation for time being, by delaying and decreasing rate of perspiration by few hours for time being.

2) Fruit based face pack-

Fruit based face pack is needed for which skin? Well it is good for every skin. It is full of nutrition, as it is made out from fruit constituents and fruit nutrition; which skin type does not need nutrtion? Every skin type does need nutrition of fruits for optimum skin; but if you are thinking is there any human skin type to

which only this fruit based face pack is suited? Then, that skin type is sensitive skin to which only this face pack suits best.

3) Gel based face pack-

Gel based face pack is new type in face pack, which has come recently. It is also good face pack, if you are using this face pack, only if you have skin for full filling requirements of which it is made by skin care product manufactures. To which skin it suits best? It suits best to oily skin as well as normal skin; but does not benefit dry skin much.

  • Sensitive skin users can use it, but it does not give that much nutrition as fruit based face pack give. It does not suit to dry skin as it does not fulfill requirements of moisturization and deep nourishment of face pack.

4) Fuller’s earth and neem leaves based face pack-

The face pack made from this combination is best suited to oily skin; just like face pack combination made from cucumber, basil and peppermint. Acne sufferer can too use it; as it also suits the oily and sensitive skin combination, which acne sufferer have. Fuller’s earth deep cleans and neem leaves not only do deep cleaning; but also kills bacteria developing in acne along with sebum.

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