Which Bread Is Not Good For Your Health, Brown Bread Or White Bread?

Earlier, there were only 1 type of ready-made bread, available in market and that was, white bread. But now, there has come one more variety; brown bread in market. Availability of two types of bread is confusing people, which one to purchase. Because they, do not know, which one is good for their health; therefore it has created lot of puzzle among mind of people.
Which Bread is not good for your Health, Brown Bread or White Bread?
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So today's article is regarding on this topic; all about that which one of them, you should consume. Well, you should consume brown bread because that is, good health wise and not white bread because that is, not good health wise.                        

Why White Bread is not good Health wise?

White bread is not good health wise and reason for this conclusion by medical scientists are-

1) It contains health harming refined flour maida, which does not give any nourishment to body.

2) Consumption of this bread, weaken immune system because it does not contain, any immune system strengthening nutrients.

3) Causes constipation- Yes, white bread

is capable of causing constipation because it does not contain, constipation preventing fiber in it.

4) Yes, white bread makes, person consuming it, obese. Because it does not contains, food craving satisfying nutrients; so person consuming white bread, does not get appetite satisfaction and consume more obesity causing deep fried snacks, after consuming it.

5) Make you disease victim- Because, white bread does not contain any immune system strengthening nutrients; due to which immune system does not get any nourishment for consuming it and keeps on weakening. And, weakened immune system is not able to protect, you from diseases.


Why Brown Bread is good Health wise?

It is good health wise and reason for this, are given below-

1) Brown bread contains, whole wheat flour's whole nutrients. So, you suffer no lack of nutrition, after consuming brown bread and thus, it saves you from nutritional deficiencies.

2) As, this bread does not cause any nutritional lack inside your body; on the opposite, it fill the lack if any inside body; with its whole wheat nutrient supply, which

strengthens your immune system. So, you get 2 benefits, one full nutritional supply and also 2nd is strengthened immune system, from eating brown bread.

3) Prevents constipation- Brown bread contains good amount of fiber, which is very useful in preventing constipation. But, why brown bread contains so much fiber? It contains because it is made from, whole wheat flour and not from refined flour.

4) Yes, brown bread prevents obesity because after eating brown bread, person do not over eat. But, why person does not over eat, after consuming it? Well, this is because after consuming it, person does not feel any hunger; for too long because it contains appetite satisfying, nutrients and hence, prevents overeating after consuming it.



So, now you know which bread is good health wise and which is not; so consume the right one and not wrong one.

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