Whether One Should Buy Toddler Furniture Or Not?

There are lot of furniture variety coming in toddler cot furniture, which making mothers confused about which one to choose. Also, mothers are also confused between buying and not buying toddler’s cot furniture. But, why they are confused about it?

They are confused because there are scientific facts favoring child's mind development in toddler cot furniture; boost in terms of confidence and also there are facts in favor of mind development, anxiety removal, depression removal; if child sleep with mother in infant age and childhood age of up to 5 years. They are confused between both these facts of favoring mind development as both are benefiting, so it becomes difficult which to choose?

It can be made easy to choose between two, if we compare rest of facts related to both toddler cot furniture and sleeping near mother. And, that comparison

is given below-

  1. Number one scientific fact, which favors sleeping near mother or in mother’s lap is healing power of mother’s touch, whose benefits in preventing depression, anxiety, and phobic disorders have been proven and you can find them in scientific research data on mother’s touch power. Confidence boost too mother’s lap too gives, just like toddler cot furniture gives. Therefore, +1 point goes to mother’s lap and +1 point also goes to toddler’s cot furniture.
  2. If child is sleeping near mother on bed, then any abnormal sign and symptom she will detect soon; whereas if infant is in toddler’s cot, then she is not as much near to her infant, as much she is when child is sleeping near her; due to which some abnormal sign and symptoms goes unnoticed, which may be indicator of disease development in infant. Now, as disease diagnosis get delayed due to some abnormal signs and symptoms going unnoticed because of toddler's cot furniture; so, here +1 point goes in favor of mother and -1 point goes to toddler’s cot furniture.
  3. Third fact is not every child goes to everybody. Sometimes, some infants always love to remain near mother and cry when in anybody else’s arm or in toddler’s cot. So, buying toddler’s cot furniture is of no use in such case as infant will be most of time with mother and toddler’s cot furniture will be not used much. So, difference in every infant’s mind comfortableness; not adapting to toddler’s cot furniture, -1 point
    goes to toddler’s cot furniture and +1 point goes to mother’s lap; as infant like that and most comfortable in that.
  4. Fourth fact is sometimes child is sleeping comfortably in toddler’s cot, but mother cannot sleep because after all she is mother and care for her baby and fear always remains of something if happen to child, or if any disease child has caught, then fear of abnormal signs and symptoms going unnoticed of the disease, which child has caught. So, developing phobic disorders in mother -1 point goes to toddler’s cot furniture and +1 point goes to mother lap for removing phobic disorders, which toddler’s cot furniture develop in mother.

So, from above calculation +4 points goes in favor of mother’s lap, sleeping near mother and only +1 point goes in favor of toddler’s cot furniture. So, from above, it is much clear which is more worthy to choose; sleeping child near to mother in mother lap. So, now it is clear to every mother whether one should buy toddler’s furniture or not. I am not saying that there are not facts in favor of toddler’s furniture; but above facts of favoring benefits of mother’s lap cannot be ignored, especially of not missing any single abnormal sign and symptom, which toddler’s cot furniture cannot detect, which only mother can note.

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