What Is Right Way Of Cleansing The Skin?

Read lot of articles and stuff on cleansing the skin, but still cleansing skin knowledge incomplete.

We do follow all the methods of cleansing and appropriately and timely follow all the steps of cleansing; that is, cleaning, scrubbing and moisturizing; but still does not get results, which we should get after these three basic steps. Then, what we start doing after using these 3 basic steps? We start adding two more steps to above basic cleansing process and they are fruit pack and serum application.                                                                                                        

But, after using and adding these additional two steps to above 3 basic steps, still you does not get the desired results; which you should get and tiredly ask why I am

not getting the desired result? Saying that I have tried all the basic steps and even added two more steps to them, then why I am not getting the basic as well as improved skin result; which we should get after trying all the basic steps and two more additional steps? Tried all the stuff, there is nothing left, which I have not tried; you say to yourself.

Well, it is here you are wrong, there is one thing that you are missing. Now, you will ask, what is still left after doing all the 5 steps? Now, what is more to add? You will say, I am tired of all things and have no more energy to add one more step to above 5 steps of cleansing.

Now, here you are again wrong, you no more need to add one more step; it is sufficient with all the 3 basic steps and it is more than good with additional 2 steps and making 5 step process. The only thing required is, do it right way. Yes, whether you are doing cleansing with 3 basic step or 5 step, do it right way.

Now you will

ask, where I am doing wrong, the 3 basic step or 5 step cleaning? Yes, it is here we do the biggest mistake; we do all cleaning and scrubbing in clockwise manner. Here we are wrong. So, is that means, we should not do it clockwise? No, it does not mean that you does not do clockwise cleaning and scrubbing of skin. It means, do what is right way of cleansing skin and that is, follow clockwise cleaning with anti-clockwise cleaning and follow the clockwise scrubbing with anti-clockwise scrubbing.

Cleaning is complete when it is done with both clockwise and anti-clockwise finger rotation and similarly, do scrubbing is complete, when done with both clockwise and anti-clockwise finger rotation.

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  • goldstay  30-08-2014
    So one secret of cleaning the skin is to do it clockwise and
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    • Dr.Simran  03-09-2014
      Yes, goldstay both finger motion required for optimum skin cleaning, both clockwise and anti-clockwise.
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