What Happens In Morning Sickness Of Pregnancy?

Diseased state facts related to morning sickness of pregnancy is topic of today.

Morning sickness is very common aliment of pregnancy's starting months. What happens in this aliment as such, that it is given name of morning sickness? As, name indicates that sickness happens in morning. But, what aliments or things happens in this sickness, due to which it is given name of “morning sickness of pregnancy”; all that happens in morning sessions of days of pregnancy.

So, what these illness things are which happens in morning sessions of days of pregnancy? And, does these things happens in whole pregnancy or some particular days of pregnancy? Well answer to all these questions are as

follow step by step-

  1. When a woman's pregnancy nine months starts, so does starts these morning sickness attacks. In this morning sickness, a women feels nausea and sometimes nausea do come. Sometimes, it is with vomiting and sometimes nausea occurs without vomiting attacks.
  2. General health decline. Women all time feel not healthy, instead feel sick. Sometimes, this nausea and vomiting attacks are on periodical mode; at gap of three to four days and sometimes occurs at persistent mode.
  3. Sometime, there may occur fever along with nausea and vomiting; if condition of woman's sick state get worse and these nausea and vomiting keep occuring at persistent mode.
  4. Due to dehydration and electrolyte imbalance, caused by the nausea and vomiting of morning sickness, women feels exhausted and weak and needs rest.
  5. Indigestion is also one of the side effect of this morning sickness state and desire to eat sour
    things increases along with increased irritability.
  6. Does this morning sickness aliment episodes occur to every women who is pregnant? No, it does not occur to every woman. It occurs to those, who were having week health before pregnancy, suffering from malnutrition state. It also occurs to few women in their first pregnancy, to some in second pregnancy and to some it does not occur at all.
  7. When does this morning sickness attacks occurs in pregnancy's nine months? They occurs mostly in first trimester of pregnancy.
  8. Most of the time, what is cause of this morning sickness aliment in pregnancy? Most of the time cause is imbalanced level of hormones HCG, oestrogen, and progesterone. These three hormones gets imbalanced in pregnancy from their normal usual healthy levels to abnormal unhealthy levels; especially HCG and disturb normal metabolic cycle of women and causes above symptoms.

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