What Basic Things Your First Aid Kit Must Contain?

Yes, today’s topic is Homeopathic first aid kit.

You must have listened about normal allopathic first aid kit, which is normally available at every medical store; but you must have not listened about Homeopathic first aid kit. Very few people in layman non-medical public knows about Homoeopathic first aid kit and it is good, if you are among them and know about it. And, if you are having one already at home; then it is very good; in fact best. But, if you are among majority of those people who does not know about it, then all the knowledge regarding to that is given below.

Yes, all knowledge on

how to make Homoeopathic first aid kit or what should be there in Homoeopathic first aid kit, you make at home, all is explained below-

1) First thing-

that should be there in your Homeopathic first aid kit is disinfectant, which you need very often again and again, if you are using this kit in wound care. But, what that disinfectant should be? You can use medicated spirit for this purpose.

2) Second thing-

which should be in your Homeopathic first aid kit, if you are using your hands either to discontaminate wounds which are infected, then to prevent contamination use disposable gloves. And, timely replace disposable glove packet whose expiry date has passed with new ones in your Homeopathic first aid kit.

3) Third thing and fourth thing-

you should keep in your Homoeopathic first aid kit are sanitized cotton and sanitized micropore bandage of 3mm width.

4) Fourth thing-

to keep in your Homoeopathic first aid kit are Homoeopathic medicines, whic are to be given for medicinal treatment. Under these Homoeopathic medicines, which need to be there in your Homeopathic first aid kit for emergency purposes are-

  • Number one Homeopathic medicine to keep- Arnica in ointment form as well as in potentized globules form. If the wound you received is of blunt injury type, then you can either apply Homeopathic Arnica ointment over affected part, but best is if you take Homeopathic potentized medicine Arnica’s globules orally because that will heal both internally as well as externally; whereas ointment will cure only externally. But, if sprains or blunt injury you received in external body
    parts are minor,
    apply Arnica ointment over there.
  • Next Homoeopathic medicine- is Calendula ointment for wounds which are of incised or abrasion variety and on which dressing is compulsory to prevent contamination from atmosphere; then dress that wound after applying either Calendula tincture or ointment.
  • Next third Homoeopathic medicine- is for burn wounds, if you received minor burn wounds on your external body parts; then you can apply Cantharis ointment there. But, if it is internal burning, then you can take Cantharis potentized globules according to advice of Homoeopathic doctor.
  • Keep Homoeopathic medicine number four Belladonna in your Homeopathic first aid kit for fever.
  • Keep Aconite Homoeopathic medicine number five- for sudden body complaints in 1st stage or if you have examination fear.
  • Keep Chammolie Homoeopathic medicine number six for toothache and Homoeopathic medicine number seven Gelsemium for sunstroke and Homoeopathic medicine number eight Colocynth for abdominal complaints and Homoeopathic medicines Sulphur and Arsenic for infection.
  • And, keep Homoeopathic medicine Nux Vomica for cases, when emergency disease condition case is not opened one and is complicated and you does not know exact history or have test reports of patients.

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