Top Whole Health Damages Synthetic Colors Used In Holi Do

Whole human health damage done by synthetic colors is beyond imagination; when it is severe one. But, why humans use this synthetic colors? And, when do they use these synthetic colors? They use, these synthetic colors in festival of Holi; just to save on their money.

Why they go for these synthetic colors; when they know fact that they are bringing just harmful things home in form of these synthetic colors? Why do not they buy non harmful variety; which is herbal colors?                                            

They do not buy non-harmful variety of herbal colors; because they are much expensive than harmful synthetic color variety. And, this is their high cost; which bend mind thinking of Holi players and does not let them to think of herbal color’s benefits and non-harmful nature. Whereas, synthetic variety is so low priced that it does not let Holi players to think of

their harms.

By the way, why people buy synthetic colors is not topic of today’s article. Topic of today is, what kind of whole health damage synthetic colors do? The whole health damages, which synthetic colors do to whole health are-

1) Type 1 whole health damages-

They first dry human skin drastically. Skin health damage, if we count here is; only one zone of whole health damage. They damage the whole skin health starting with skin irritation, skin rashes, skin eczema, skin infection, skin pigmentation and later on turning into various skin allergies; which these synthetic colors do.

  • Allergic dermatitis can occur in some humans and skin burns in severe cases of skin health damage done by synthetic colors. In some humans, scalp infection can occur from synthetic colors usage in Holi festival.
  • They can cause toe nails and finger nails infection and allergies; as nails are most extremely exposed to synthetic colors.

2) Type 2 whole health damages-

Another body health zone, which synthetic

colors affect from whole health; is hair heath, they damage hair shine, damage hair strength, damage thickness of hair shaft and initiate dry hair development and hair root infection.

  • But, these hair health damages occur slowly; much after synthetic color usage. But, skin health damage done by synthetic colors starts immediately after usage of them.

3) Type 3 whole health damages-

Synthetic colors can cause respiratory problems; if they get inhaled accidently, during color splash attack done by other Holi player on you. Similarly, synthetic colors can do gastro-intestinal damage; if liquid synthetic color is swallowed accidently during splash attack by another Holi player on you; they can cause abortion in pregnant women and drastically damage whole health of children below one year of age.

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