Top Harms Of Eating Non-seasonal Fruits And Vegetables

In earlier articles, I told you of various things, you need to take care in different seasons. And, one of those things was eating right. Yes, eating right in every season is very important for crucial health.

But, how one can achieve task of eat right diet in every season? To eat right diet in every season, the first step which comes in achieving task of eating right diet is eating only seasonal fruits and vegetables. But, why it is so important to eat only seasonal fruits and vegetables?

Why it cannot be avoided? Why one cannot eat non-seasonal fruits and vegetables? What is harm in eating them? Well, now you asked the right question, What is harm in eating non-seasonal fruits and vegetables? Well, these harms are reasons because of whom, you are instructed by doctors to

avoid eating non-seasonal fruits and vegetables.

So, what harms eating non-seasonal fruits and vegetables do to you? Well, eating them harms your health by causing following diseases-

1) Human immune system dysfunction-

First harm, eating non-seasonal fruits and vegetables in food do to your health is that it dysfunction your immune system’s normal functioning; by not supplying adequate nutrition it needs.

2) Homoeostatic imbalance-

Second group of harms eating non-seasonal fruits do to your health is by causing homoeostatic imbalance. And, this homoeostatic imbalance further harms your human body; by giving birth to following acute diseases in body organs, which are-

  • Fever- is diseased state related to thermals of human body. So, next time you eat non-seasonal fruits; remember it can cost you fever by unbalancing normal thermal state of your human body.
  • Acute respiratory problems- like cough, bronchitis, coryza, post-nasal discharge can occur in some; who have respiratory allergy from non-seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • Stomach and liver problems- Yes, eating non-seasonal
    fruits and vegetables in food can cost you acute stomach diseases or acute liver diseases or both of them. But why? Because, as non-seasonal fruits has been grown in non-seasonal environment by artificial means; does not contain acute stomach and liver diseases preventing nutrition; because some nutritive elements does not get synthesized in this artificial process.
  • Acute minor kidney problems- like diarrhea (loose stools) or constipation can occur in some humans from eating non-seasonal fruits and vegetables; who have weak digestive system.

3) Deficiency diseases-

Yes, deficiency disease can occur in humans; as non-seasonal crop lacks nutrition; as they are first grown by artificial means and then frozen by artificial means in non-seasonal environmental condition. Because of grown in non-seasonal environmental condition; as I said above, some nutritive elements are not fully synthesized. And, eating these nutrition lacking fruits and vegetables will ultimately cause respective deficiency disease of that nutritive elements; which they lack, which have not been synthesized in them.

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