Top 10 Health Precautions Of Great Benefit During Diwali Festival

First of all I wish all my readers, I wish you, “A Very HAPPY DIWALI”. Diwali festival is festival; for which plans, how we will celebrate it, we make all year. And, on 23 October 2014, on which Diwali festival is; it’s time to turn those plans in reality.
Top 10 Health Precautions of great Benefit during Diwali Festival
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But, while turning those plans into reality; do not forget your health. Being healthy is very important, because when you are healthy; then you can convert your plans into reality, more effectively. Because when you are not healthy; then disease disturb you, in turning your plans into reality.

Well, there are top 10 Diwali health precautions, which if you will follow during Diwali festival preparation and on Diwali festival and even some days after Diwali festival; then it will, keep your health in good health score. And, when you are healthy; then you face no disease hindrance, in your Diwali preparations.

So, what are these top 10 Diwali health precautions? Well, they are given below-

1st Diwali Health Precaution-

Make your sweets traditional way at home. But, why traditional way?Traditional way is recommended, because in traditional way, sweets are made hygienic way; at home and no infection or food adulteration resource go into your sweets. So, they are much safe to eat.

And second reason, why traditional way is recommended; is because in traditional way, more of jaggery is used to sweeten the sweet dishes and not the white sugar. What is use of using jaggery in sweets?

  • 1st very important use- is that it is not refined like white sugar; so rich in nutrients like iron.
  • 2nd very important use- is that it cleans your blood of impurities; whereas white sugar does do any such task.
  • 3rd very important use- is that it does not raise your blood glucose levels; whereas white sugar made sweets do raise.


2nd Diwali Health Precaution-

This 2nd Diwali health precaution, which you need specially, must include in your Diwali festive schedule; is to do morning walk or some little bit of dancing.

  • This is because earlier, when we shop traditional way from market shops; then there automatically happens, some walking exercise; when you roam from one shop to another to buy your Diwali festival things.
  • But, now as shopping from internet or from TV shopping channels; it has vanished
    walking exercise, which happen in traditional way of shopping.

So, that is the reason, why you need to make some special niche for morning walk exercise; in Diwali preparation schedule.


3rd Diwali Health Precaution-

3rd Diwali health precaution, you need to follow is that one; which you need to follow on Diwali festival day; on which, you burn lot of fire crackers. What is this 3rd Diwali health precaution?

  • This 3rd Diwali health precaution is that do not burn fire crackers because they do most terrible health damage, by polluting all air around, with chemical smoke of fire crackers. This chemical smoke of fire crackers, injurers respiratory system health of humans and arises asthma attacks in asthma suffering humans.


4th Diwali Health Precaution-

4th Diwali health precaution, which is very important and comes in top priority list; saves you from fire. What is this precaution?

  • Well this 4th Diwali Health precaution is that wear neither too loose nor flowy clothes; which can catch fire, while lighting diyas of Diwali.
  • Tie your flowy clothes like dupatta, while lightning diyas; so that, they do not catch fire. But, if you do not do it; then they may catch fire in coming contact with diyas and you become victim of burns from fire.

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