Tips To Handle Depression Phase Easily

Depression phases come in everybody’s life; some come out of it easy way and some keep remaining in its darkness for long. On some people, depression leaves very less impact and they remember it, in their life; as one small phase of life. But, on some people, it leaves so deepening impact; that they even after recovering from it, still become victim of, remitting episodes of it; again and again.

Well, how much impact depression leaves on you that depends on, how you handle it. If you handle it right way; then it will leave very less impact, on you and you can recover from it, easily. Below, I am giving you, some depression phase handling tips; which will help you, in recovering from depression phase and does not allow depression, to leave its impact.

Stick to daily schedule, do not skip it–

Avoiding, sticking to daily schedule, is scenario; to which people fall easily, when there comes depression phase, in their life. But, if a depression victim try to stick to

daily schedule; then it will divert their mind, from depressing thoughts.

  • No doubt, initially it will seem difficult, to stick to daily schedule; when there is depression.
  • But, keep practicing it and in practice of some days, you will be facing, no difficulty; in sticking to daily schedule and on those days, you will notice that depressing thoughts, now coming less; into your mind.

Increase hobby time–

Yes increasing hobby time, is as much crucial, to easily handle depression phase; as much necessary is, to keep sticking to daily schedule. Increased hobby time will also increase, depression thoughts diversion time span.

  • And, as much you increase, depression thought diversion time span; that much, it will decrease, your recovery time span; needed to recover from depression phase.

Devote self-care time–

Yes, devote self-care time, even when you are facing depression phases. Who said that you cannot do self-care in depression phase? In fact, it is very important to devote time to your self-care, in depression phase. So, increase your self-care time, for yourself and devote,

as much time; as you can for your self-care because self-care, helps in reducing depression phase.

Increase morning and evening walk, session time –

Yes, increase time of morning or evening walk session, which ever you do; as both of them, help in recovering early; from depression phase.

  • No doubt, it is very difficult to take out time, for both morning walk, as well as for evening walk session; but in depression phase, if you can manage to take out time, to remain absorbing in depressing thoughts; then can’t you take out time, for both morning and evening walk session to finish your depression phase.
  • But, if you do, both of them each day; then it will help you, in recovering very fast; from phase depression, as compared to; when you do a single one of them. Therefore, do both walk sessions; morning as well as evening.

Spent some religious time –

By chanting mantras or listening religious bhajans. Yes, it will also help in diverting your mind; from depressing thoughts and also help in healing you spiritually, from depressing thoughts; through their spiritual effect.

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