Stretching Your Body, Is Good For Your Overall Health

Yes, when we wake up in morning, we stretch our arms; to remove laziness of night sleep. When we keep sitting in one position; then also, we do stretch our legs, after standing up, from sitting position; to remove numbness of leg and feet muscles. But, question is that is this habit of stretching, is useful our health or harmful?
Stretching your Body, is good for your Overall Health
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Well, good news for you is that this habit of stretching, your body in fact, is very good for your health. One should do it because of health benefits attached with it. Health benefits, you would ask, have I typed here right? Yes, I have typed here absolutely right; its your stretching habit of stretching your body that has lot of health benefits; only condition is, you do not over stretch your body.

This is because when something is beneficial; people over do it. And, doing anything in excess is always harmful; moderation is beneficial. So, do stretching habit of stretching

your body, in moderation; to have its health benefits; but avoid overdoing it, to avoid its harms.                                                                                  

1) Prevents body injury-

Yes, stretching your body before standing up, from sitting in one position continuously; avoids body injury. This it do because when you keep sitting in one position, for long; then your feet and leg muscles become numb and if you suddenly stand, without stretching your legs and arms, from sitting position, after sitting for sufficient hours continuously; then you may fall because of imbalanced body gait, caused by numbness. During fall, you can receive any kind of body injury.

  • But, if you stretch your body muscles, before standing up from sitting position; then it will remove numbness and prevents body fall and hence, prevents body injury.

2) Improve blood circulation-

Stretching your body, not only removes numbness; but also, improves blood circulation, which was stagnant; from sitting or standing, in one position for long time. Blood circulation is also slow, while you were sleeping or when you wake up in morning, from sleep; then stretch your body, to speedup the blood circulation; which was slowed from night's sleep.

3) Activate your energy flow-

Yes, above 2 health benefits are, not only sole 2 health benefits, of stretching your body. It also has, this health benefit of activating your energy level; which get stagnant from, no body activity, prolonged sitting or standing in one position and after sleep.

4) Prevents postural syndrome-

Yes, there

are syndromes like computer vision syndrome and some diseases, like varicose veins; which are caused out of, keeping yourself in one postural position, for long hours. Stretching after 2 hours, prevents postural syndrome and save you from, becoming victim of them.

5) Stretching is kind of exercise-

You can, do it anywhere; even in, sitting position. Yes, stretching your body, is also a kind of exercise and what is great advantage of it is that you can do it, while you are sitting; by stretching your arms and legs.

  • And, what is 2nd advantage of it is that you can do it, anywhere, at any place; whether you are at home or at office, or in park or at beach. To do this exercise, you do not need any special equipment of gym; that simple and easy exercise it is. You just need, to loosely stretch your arms and legs

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