Sprout Pulses Before Cooking, To Maximize Their Health Benefits

Sprouting pulses are followed, partially here in India. In India, some pulses are sprouted and some are not. But, ideally all pulses should be sprouted. But, why all pulses should be sprouted and not only, some selective category of pulses?
Sprout Pulses before Cooking, to Maximize their Health Benefits
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Well, this is because their health benefits get multiplied; when they are sprouted. And when, their health benefits get multiplied, on sprouting them; then why not, spout all types of pulses? Sprout all types of pulses, to maximize their health benefits. Which health benefits, sprouting cooking procedure, add to pulses? Well, major health benefits sprouting add to pulses, on sprouting them or maximize in them are-

Activate certain enzymes in pulses, which become activate; only when, they are sprouted-

Yes, this health benefit is 1st health benefit; which sprouting add to pulses. And, this is one of the reason, why pulses must

be sprouted before cooking. Because, if pulses are not sprouted before cooking and cooked without sprouting; then these enzymes does not become activate, which become activate on sprouting them.

What is usage of receiving these enzymes, before cooking through sprouting process? The usage of, advantage of receiving these enzymes activated is that they synthesize, certain micro-molecules in pulses; which get contrived in them, only when they are sprouted.

Reduce cooking time; so reduce over-burning of nutrients-

Yes, sprouting pulses reduce cooking time of cooking them. This is 2nd health benefit of cooking spurts. But, how sprouting pulses reduce cooking time to cook them? It do this, as it-

  • Pre-cook pulses halfly- Yes sprouting pulses, pre-cook pulses halfly; by initiating certain enzymes, which pre-cook them halfly. Yes sprouting pulses, initiates those special enzymes, which synthesize certain extraordinary nutritive micro-molecules in them; which can then, pre-cook pulses halfly.
  • Reduce over-burning of nutrients, by over-cocking of food- Over cooking, sometimes over burn
    a number of significant nutritive elements of food, like vitamins. As sprouting, pre-cook pulses halfly; so it reduces cooking time, to cook pulses and hence reduce over-cooking, of food and hence, over burning of certain significant, nutritive elements.


Intensify fiber, moisture and amino-acid content in sprout-

Yes, it is another health benefit of sprouting pulses, before cooking that it-

  • Do intensification of fiber content, in their sprouts.
  • Escalate moisture content in them.
  • And also last, but very imperative health detriment, of sprouting pulses is that it intensifies amino acid content in them.

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