Regularly Have Your Heart Checkup In Winters

"One should have regular heart checkups", that's the too much listened slogan everywhere. But, do you know, when you should not ignore these heart-checkups? When you must have these heart checkups? No doubt, you should have these heart checkups whole year.

But, when you must have them? That means, in which season of year you cannot afford to miss them? And, why so? Winter is season in which you cannot afford to miss heart health checkups. Because, most of heart ailments occur in winter chill, especially heart attacks are most commonly found occurrence in winter chill season.

No doubt, this does not mean that you are immune to heart attack in other season of year. No doubt, heart attacks do occur in other season of year. But, they occur more in chill season, that is, in winter season of year. Statistical research

data of medical field supports this fact too.

But, why this incidence is found more in winter season of year? Why it does not occur more in any other season? Why does it occur more in winter season? What special thing happens in winter season, which make human being predisposed to increased chances of having heart attack in this season?

The reasons behind increased incidence of heart attack in winter season are-

1. Number one- is intake of more fatty diet and increased consumption of alcohol is found very much in winter. Both of which you know are famous heart health killer.

2. Second cause or reason is- hypothermia, caused by winter increases work load of heart. Now, it has to work harder to do double work. One is which it do in every season of year, is to pump blood to various body parts and maintain body blood circulation. But, there comes second additional work in winter season and that is, to keep

body warm to prevent hypothermia.

3. Third thing- is less vitamin D synthesis in skin due to less sunlight exposure to skin in fog laden season of winter. No, doubt, there do occur sunny days in winter season too, but in highly increased foggy days of winter sunlight full sunny days occur less.

4. Blood clots- responsible for heart attacks especially those found in major heart arteries form more in winter season in heart disease patients.

5. And, very important reason behind- increased incidence of heart attack in winter season is decreased exercise level. In fact decreased activity level. Because, a little bit of activity or exercise which a person do in other seasons of year, get reduced in winter season because nobody likes to go in cold atmosphere of winter to do morning walk, especially when there is too much fog outside.

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