Know Health Meter Of 3 Different Types Of Teas

Yes, there are different types of tea and health meter of each tea varies.

Tea types varies from country to country also due to different components used to make them. But, discussing all tea types according to each country; that means, tea types used in every country is not topic of today. Instead, topic of today is discussing health meter of tea types, but not all tea types; yes only of main 3 tea types.

So, which main 3 tea types, I will discussing with you all today, under this 3 tea types? These three tea types are mentioned below-

  1. Normal Indian Tea.
  2. Green tea.
  3. Herbal tea.

So, the health score of these 3 tea types, which I will

discuss today are as follow-

1) Normal Indian Tea-

Yes, first I will discuss health meter of normal Indian tea. It is sweetened in some areas of India and spiced in some and strong in some areas, taste wise. But, taste score is not topic of today’s article. The topic of today’s article, is its health score; yeah health score of normal Indian tea. Well, health score wise, it is normally ok; that means average on health score, as it somewhat aids in heavy food digestion.

  • But, why it did not get high health score? This is because, when you take it empty stomach, then it impairs digestion. That is, it benefits only when taken after heavy meal; not before meal.
  • Second reason for it not getting high health score is that it only aid digestion after heavy meal, but not of any boon in deterrence of major cardiovascular or stomach diseases; instead it aggravates them, especially when taken before meal.

2) Green tea-

Green tea is normally good health score wise, as it benefits both ways whether taken before meal or after. It is not like normal Indian tea, which only benefits when taken after heavy meal, not before. Well, now its health score you know. But, how does it gets this health score?

This health score it gets out from benefits, which I mentioned above that it provides benefits to human body. But, which benefits these are with whom it benefits human body? First of all is weight loss, second is supply of antioxidants and third is of course major disease preventer, that is, deter major renal, stomach, pancreatic and cardiac diseases as well as also check minor diseases like headache, cough and aches.

3) Herbal tea-

Well, herbal tea a

bit similar but also a bit different form green tea. In how manner it differs from green tea? In green tea, a fixed number of herbal ingredients are used; but in herbal tea, you can use which ever herbal ingredients by boiling in water for tea making; the only thing required is that herbal ingredient should have medicinal qualities. That is, it must be able to treat and cure and prevent major or minor diseases.

  • If any herbal ingredient you use contain both qualities of stopping, treating and curing both major as well as minor diseases; then it is well and good.
  • But, if any herbal ingredient does not contain both the medicinal qualities of stopping, treating and curing both major as well as minor diseases; then you can use more than one herbal ingredients, which suffice deficiency, which your this present herbal ingredient do have.

So, that was, how you can make herbal tea; but that was not question; that I just told you for additional knowledge. Question was its health score, the health score of this tea is normally efficiently best. Yes, it is normally efficient best because of two reasons-

  • Number one reason is it is able to inhibit, treat and cure major as well as minor diseases just like green tea.
  • Second reason for it getting efficiently best score is that it can be customized according to present body needs; which body has, whether of disease or of health state. It is not fixed like green tea, which uses only fixed number of herbal ingredients.

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