How To Take Care Of Newborn Baby, In Winter Season?

Yes, lot of newborn babies will be getting born, this winter; as according to medical statics of WHO, a lot of births take place on each day. Then, why not babies will not born on winter days? Obviously, there will take place, birth of newborn babies on winter days; whom’s expected date of delivery, will be occurring, this winter season.

And, obviously with birth of newborn babies; there will start, take care of them. But, do you know, how to take care of newborn babies in winters? Well, if you know, then that’s excellent; but if you don’t, then given below are newborn health tips, explaining, how to take care of newborn born during winter season-                                                    

Bath newborn baby in warm room, with warm water –

Yes, just maintain adequate temperature of surrounding environment; while bathing newborn baby. While giving a bath to newborn baby, take care not to give bath to baby, in open air; outside in back yard of your

home. Instead, give them bath inside home, in a small tub; in warm room, with warm water.

  • So that, as soon as baby get bathed, you can then put baby, in warm clothes that much fast; and exposure to draft of cold air, can be avoided to minimum.
  • This is advantage of bathing newborn baby, in room; instead of bathing in bathroom, to minimize cold air exposure; which happens, while bringing baby, from bathroom to bedroom.

Cover new born baby, with warm clothes –

This is second newborn health tip, which you should use; after you have, bathed the newborn baby. After bathing newborn baby, with warm water in warm room; cover baby in towel immediately, for 1 minute.

  • Just wrap, towel around newborn baby, for 1 minute; but do not scrub towel, on skin of newborn baby; as skin of newborn baby, is very delicate.
  • After wrapping towel for 1 minute, then 1st wore baby cotton clothes and then 2 layers, of warm clothes. 1st layer of cotton clothes is necessary, to avoid skin rashes; from warm clothes. Wore them warm clothes layers, above cotton clothes layer.

Keep newborn baby’s travelling journey, to minimum –

Yes, keep travelling journey of newborn baby, to minimum; to avoid over exposure to cold air drafts, of winter days. As, newborn baby’s immune system is not that much strong; which can fight health damaging effect of, cold air draft of winters.

  • So, keep travelling journey of new born baby, to minimum; and take
    new born baby outside, only then; when there happens some health problem, to new born baby or new born needs, regular health checkup.
  • But, if newborn baby has no health problem or there is no regular health checkup; then do not, do travelling journey of new born baby.

Do not forget, to give nutritional feed, to new born baby –

Yes, do not forget to give, nutritional feed to new born baby; because new born baby needs, nutritional feed that much; as much newborn baby, needs warm clothes; to save them, from cold weather of wind

Expose newborn baby, to sunshine on sunny days of winter –

Yes, do follow above newborn health tips, on cold winter days; as well as, on warm sunny days of winter. But, do not forget to expose newborn baby, to sunshine; on sunny days of winters, to synthesize Vitamin D in their skins.

  • Sunshine exposure synthesizes vitamin D, from precursors present in their bodies.
  • Vitamin D synthesized this way, make their small bones strong and also help in growth of bones.

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