How To Prevent Harms From Wearing High Heels?

High heels wearing do produce harms; but another truth is that wearing them removes your mind stress, by giving you enjoyment and confidence boost. Therefore, it becomes very difficult to leave them totally.

Then, what to do in such kind of case, where thing you use, give only one benefit of mind stress removal; but gives a list of harms too? In that case, you need to find a solution which can fulfill both aim; first aim is let's you enjoy pleasure of that thing and second aim is not let its harms affect you.

Similar solution you need, to avoid harms of wearing high heels. And, that solution consist of following steps which if you follow can prevent harms from wearing high heels and they are-

  1. As I said above, wearing high heels on
    daily basis is harmful. But, wearing them on intermittent basis is allowable. So, do not wear them on daily basis and have intermittent four to five high heels wear skipping days. Yes, skip wearing high heels for about four to five days in a week and wear only on two days in a week. It will save you from harms of high heels wearing and also let's you enjoy wearing them on two days of week.
  2. Always choose right high heel footwear to avoid disease symptoms of high heel wearing. Your high heel footwear's heel length should always be in between 1.5 to 3 inch and never more than 3 inches; because above it if you wear, then more heel length cannot save you from high heels wearing harms.
  3. So, this was about length of high heel, next solution step is size of high heel footwear. Wear that which is comfortable, in which

    you can easily put in your feet and take out easily and during walking which feels comfortable and not too tight.
  4. Next, walking method, never run or take large steps, while wearing high heels to save yourself from injury or fall. Instead, take small steps and walk comfortably to avoid injury and fall.
  5. Fifth solution step is to take care when shopping for high heel footwear is that its sole must be cushiony and comfortable and not hard.
  6. And, also take sixth solution step that it does not have narrowness where you toe comes in footwear. Shop for that which has comfortable broad toe box, which save toes from infection, perspiration harms.
  7. Next thing is seventh solution step, which is have a foot spa once a week and morning walk or jogging exercise once a week to relax and save feet from high heel wearing harms.

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