How Packed Processed Food Should Be Consumed?

First of all, one should not eat packed processed food; as it is not fresh. It is not good for health; as the preservatives used to store processed food for long time, can hamper biochemical system of your body. But, if you do not have enough time, for cooking whole meal from fresh vegetables and fruit; then at least try to eat packed processed food right way; so that it harm biochemical system of your body less.
How Packed Processed Food should be Consumed?
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Today, I will talk on this topic; "How packed processed food should be consumed?" To make packed processed food less harmful, to health of your metabolic system and biochemical levels; adopt the way given below of consuming packed processed food; which helps in providing you, basic nutrition out of processed food and also lessen harmful effects of processed food.

Correct way to consume packed processed food-

Add some fresh vegetables, during cooking process of packed processed food; before eating. Yes, do not just bring packed processed food and cook it and consume it; without addition of some additional food stuffs. There is,

too much salt and sugar added to packed processed food and some other preservatives too; so that, they do not get rotten and remain fresh for long.

No doubt, because of too much salt, sugar and preservatives added to them; processed food remain fresh for long; but they totally damage the balanced level nutrition, which freshly bought vegetables and fruits supply than these artificial kept fresh processed food.

But, when you add some fresh vegetables to this processed food, during cooking process at home; then it lessen harmful effects of preservatives and also make unbalanced nutrition of packed processed food to balanced one; by adding some fresh nutrition to it, from fresh vegetables.

For example-

Correct way I have told you above; to make it easy for you to understand above correct way; here I am quoting below some examples of how different processed food should be consumed-

  • First example- Packed processed soups,
    which you bring home; while cooking them at home, add some fresh vegetables to your processed soup, during cooking process. Because, when they are added during cooking process; then juices of fresh vegetables, come into processed food; during cooking process. This balances the unbalanced nutrition of processed food.
  • Second example- If you brought home, some processed noodles or processed pasta; then do add, some fresh vegetables during cooking process. And, if possible; then buy whole grain based processed attar noodles or whole grain based processed pasta; not the refined flour maid based.
  • Third and fourth example- To processed juices and processed jam, add some fresh fruits, which are finely chopped to them. Finely chopped fruits added to processed juice and processed jam, add some crunch to bit on, in processed juice  and processed jam; but, they also balance, the extra sugar level added during processed food making process. They also reduces preservative's harm and add some fresh nutrition to your non-fresh processed juice and processed jam.

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