How Not Controlling Diabetes Can Cost You Cardiac Diseases?

If you are having diabetes and thinking that you need to do nothing about it, then you are wrong. Because diabetes and cardiac diseases, are inter-related. If you have diabetes; then it’s high time, you should stop ignoring its treatment. It is very important to control it because if you don’t, then it can cost you a list of cardiac diseases.

Which cardiac diseases it can cost you? Well, they are given below, along with brief information on each of them:-                                         

Predispose to hyper-cholesterol level–

Yes, if you won’t started to control your diabetes; then be prepared, to listen hyper-cholesterol level, diagnosed during laboratory investigations; in your laboratory reports, from your laboratory technician.

Hyper- cholesterol level can cause blood clots, in major arteries–

But, if you are again mistaking above point that diabetes will only predispose you to hyper-cholesterol level; then you are wrong here again.

  • Because hyper-cholesterol level, which it brought in your laboratory reports; if you did not control it immediately; then it can
    cause, birth of blood clots in major arteries.
  • So, control your diabetes, even after getting diagnosed with hyper-cholesterol levels, in your laboratory reports; to avoid birth of blood clots in your major arteries.
  • Because, if you did not control diabetes, even then; then nobody can save you from harms, which these blood clots cause; when formed in major blood arteries.

Blockage by blood clots, can invite heart attack–

Yes, blockage by blood clots can invite heart attack; if you did not start controlling your diabetes, even when you are diagnosed with blood clots in your major blood arteries; that is atherosclerosis.

  • Yes, this cycle of diseases, will start from uncontrolled diabetes; if you didn’t control it, at initial step.

Uncontrolled diabetes, can cause ischemia of various tissues and ischemic heart disease–

As, I said in above point that a cycle of diseases, will start; if did not control diabetes at initial stage; similarly another set of cardiac diseases, will haunt your heart; if you had not controlled diabetes, even at middle stage; when it had caused blood clots in your arteries.

  • One another cardiac disease from that set of cardiac disease, named ischemic heart disease; will haunt your heart, if you did not start controlling diabetes; even at middle stage of diabetes.

Uncontrolled, rapidly progressing
diabetes can cause, myocardial infarction–

Yes, uncontrolled diabetes, when has crossed its middle stage and is nearby its end stage and is rapidly progressing; then it can cause myocardial infarction, if nothing is done to control it at this stage.

Uncontrolled rapidly progressing, diabetes can cause paralysis, of one side of human body–

Yes, uncontrolled rapidly progressing diabetes, when has caused atherosclerosis in your arteries; if you did not take treatment for it then and did not start following right balanced diet, made specifically to control diabetes; then it can cause paralysis of one side, of your human body.

So, if you do not want to be victim of paralysis; then start controlling your diabetes, by taking right medicinal treatment from doctor and by starting consuming right balanced diet, which is made specifically to control diabetes; which you can get from your dietician and your doctor, must have told you, about it.

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