How To Make Healthy Snacks, But With Less Oil?

Everywhere health jargon, "Make food with less oil" is told. Yes you should eat, not only basic meal of 3 times of day, made in less oil; but also you should eat snacks, made with less oil.
How to make Healthy Snacks, but with less oil?
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But question is, how much less oil to use, to make your snacks healthy? Because it happens, sometimes that when you try to make healthy snacks, with less oil; you do not exactly know, how to cook your snacks properly with less oil. Do not worry, today I will tell you 4 such healthy cooking options, with which your healthy snacks get properly cooked and that too  with less oil. Yes there are such, healthy cooking options. But, what these healthy cooking options are, which cook your healthy snacks properly and that too, without using any excess oil?

1) By stir
frying them-

Yes, stir frying is such a healthy cooking option, with which you can make your snacks; without using excess oil, which is used in deep frying. Yes, quantity of oil used in stir frying method, is much less than deep frying method.

2) By baking them-

But, there is one such healthy cooking method; in which the quantity of oil used, is very less than that used in stir frying method; in fact it can be reduced to minimum. But, what is this healthy cooking method?

  • Well, that healthy cooking method, is that which heading of this paragraph says. Yes, it is baking method.
  • Yes, baking is such a healthy cooking method; in which very healthy snacks, can be made with very less quantity of oil; in fact, less than stir frying method.

3) By using healthy marination, in nonstick pan-

Yes, you can even reduce quantity of oil used, to make healthy snacks; by cooking them with healthy marination in non-stick pan. Non-stick pans, how they look I do not need to tell you because now

they are advertised too much on TV.

  • But nonstick pan, with how many layers of coating, you should use? Well, you should use nonstick pan with, 3-4 layers of non-stick coating because they last long much more than 1-2 layers of non-stick coating.
  • But, what kind of healthy marination you can use? Well you can marinate, your healthy snacks by marinating them with healthy marination like lemon juice, any other fruit juice, milk, whole grain flour or curd.
  • Avoid unhealthy marination, like refined flour and excess of oil butter.

4) Healthy snack is incomplete, without healthy sauce-

Yes, healthy snacking is incomplete, without healthy sauce. Because if you make your snacks, with above healthy cooking options, with minimum oil usage; but if consumed unhealthy sauce, low on nutritional level but high on health damaging score; then there is no health use of, eating these healthy snacks.

How to make healthy snacks with less oil usage that I have told you in this article; but how you can make your sauces, healthy sauces that I will told you in next article.

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