How To Identify That You Are Victim Of Acidosis?

Acidosis is a unhealthy condition, very unhealthy diseased condition of human body; in which human body becomes uncontrollably acidic. Inside human body, acid is so much increased that one cannot say from medical point of view that it is normal. In fact, it is totally abnormal, unhealthy human body state from medical point of view.

So, this was about what acidosis is, what happens in it? But, how to identify that you are victim of acidosis? How to identify that you are suffering inside your human body from acidosis? How to identify that your human body is no more normal and is now suffering from acidosis?

It is easy to identify acidosis, you just need to know its symptoms and signs. If you know, what manifestation of its occurrence produced on human body in form of various signs and symptoms; then identification of acidosis is very easy. These signs and symptoms, manifestations of acidosis, with help

of whom you can easily identify, whether you are victim of acidosis or not? And, these identification symptoms and signs are-

1) Number one sign of acidosis is obesity. People suffering from obesity are also chronic sufferers of obesity too. How obesity is linked with it? It is linked because fatty deposition inside human body in obesity is most number one acid forming component. And, on laboratory testing, acid levels are found high in obesity suffering people or sufferers.

2) Second manifesting sign of acidosis is- which it produce inside human body is impaired digestion. Digestion is human body's main metabolic function, which is no more normal and shifted to impaired digestion, when acid level of human body gets high.

3) Third manifesto of acidosis is diabetes, this is high blood glucose levels, which affect cardiac muscles and vessels. They get weaken and their health deteriorates.

4) Acidosis victim also becomes victim to frequent infections and inflammatory disease due to decreased immunity level.

5) High acid condition inside human body in acidosis causes pains in joints, head and

back pain. As, decreased immunity level causes inflammatory swelling in joints which result out in joint pains and fatigue; which acidosis has created inside body. It makes suffering person get tired easily and suffering person frequently complaints of various body aches and pain for example headache, backache.

6) Acidosis also caries human body system from inside. Due to which signs of aging, which appear in old age, appear before old age in adult life. And, suffering human shows sign of early aging for example wrinkles in skin and osteoporosis in bones.

7) Acidosis also imbalances human body's normal nutrition absorption system and suffering human becomes regular victim of nutritional shortage and gastric acid starts increasing in excess in stomach and suffering person becomes chronic gastritis sufferer.

8) Heart burn, abdomen flatulence are other symptoms of acidosis along with inhibited growth in chronic acidosis.

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