How To Identify That A Lady Is Suffering From Pre-menopausal Syndrome Or Not?

Have you listened about pre-menopause and menopause? If yes, then do you know, what both of them are? If you know that is good; but if some how, you do not know about them, let me acknowledge you about them.
How to Identify that a lady is suffering from Pre-menopausal Syndrome or not?
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Menopause is that disordered state of a female life, when her menstrual cycle stops completely; that is, she has no menses every month; her menses stop completely. Due to stoppage of menses, lot of disorders start in her body, which are collectively given name of menopausal syndrome. But, do you know that disordered state, start in her body; not only on stoppage of menses; it starts, few years before that. The disordered state, before menopause arrival is called pre-menopausal syndrome, consisting of disordered symptoms occurring before menopause.

Now question is, what are symptoms of pre-menopausal syndrome? Well, those are-

rgb(204, 204, 204); padding: 5px 10px; background: rgb(238, 238, 238);">1) Menses start getting irregular, after a female cross a particular age-

Yes, menses starts getting irregular, as a lady starts approaching age of 45 years. Menses can get irregular in any way, either increase or decrease in quantity or get delayed from its natural timing or come before, its normal timings. But, the trend noticed among most women is, of menses getting delayed; beyond its normal timings and decreased in quantity, too. And, also count of days, upto which menstrual flow last, also decrease in number.

2) Egg count or ovum count, of ovaries starts decreasing-

Yes, egg count also known as ovum count, of female ovaries, starts decreasing; as soon as, her pre-menopausal phase starts. No doubt, you must have listened, it starts decreasing after the age of 30 years. Yes, it is true that it starts decreasing, after the age of 30 years; but the speed, with which it decreases at that time, is very slow; whereas the speed, with which it decrease in pre-menopause phase, is much faster.

3) Hormones secreted by ovaries also, start decreasing in quantity, from its normal range and story of metabolic diseases affecting body, starts-

Yes, normal

amount of hormones that female ovaries secretes, also starts decreasing in quantity, not just count of ovum; as soon as a woman enters in her pre-menopause phase. These hormones make a protective shield around a woman's body, which protect her from lot of metabolic diseases; but with decrease in hormone amount, this protective shield also starts getting affected, from those metabolic diseases, like diabetes, renal diseases; which earlier does not affect her at all, as soon as she enter pre-menopause phase.

4) Hot flushes at night and weight gain-

Hot flushes in body, a female starts experiencing; as soon as, she enters pre-menopause phase. In heading of this point it is mentioned that these hot flushes occurs at night; so does that mean, it does not occur in day? No, it does occur in day; but their intensity and frequency is worse at night. And, not only hot flushes, a female starts gaining weight, as soon as, she enters her pre-menopause phase and become obese.

5) Mood swings going towards, anxious, irritable and depressive state-

Yes, due to hormonal fluctuations and hot flushes and lot of perspiration; female have mood swings, as soon as she enters pre-menopause phase. Sometimes, she get anxious on trifles and sometimes, irritable and sometimes, she does not react at all and go in depressive state.

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