How To Identify If A Child Is Born With Congenital Heart Disease?

Yes, it is true that there are newborns, which are born with heart diseases and it is not only old age humans who suffers from heart diseases. Yes, it is true that certain heart diseases affect human in old age or middle age; but there are certain heart diseases with which a newborn human is born.

And, these heart diseases with which a newborn baby is born at birth, these are called congenital heart diseases and those which humans acquires in late life in adult age or old age; those are called acquired heart diseases. And, when a newborn is born with congenital heart disease; then it becomes very important that it should be diagnosed at early time to save life of congenital heart disease affected newborn.

Do you know how to identify a child born with congenital heart disease? How to identify if a newborn human baby is born with congenital heart disease or not, requires

you to note signs or symptoms newborn human baby manifest and if newborn human baby shows or manifests following signs and symptoms; then most probably that human baby is suffering from congenital heart disease and this requires confirmation in laboratory reports-

  1. Number first sign- newborn human child may show is that child take more than normal time any human child take to feed and even if somehow he or she feeds; he or she get drenched in much more sweat; that is, his or her body perspires very much during feeding.
  2. Number second sign- is body weight of infant does not get that much increased in body weight as compared to rest of other normal babies of his or her age; even after getting proper and enough feed. Yes, if an infant does not get increase in normal body weight because of deficient feeding, then that
    can be said the cause is deficient feeding. But, even after getting proper and enough feed, if infant does not get normal increase in weight and is below normal human infant baby body weight then it is story of infant born with congenital heart disease, which needs to confirmed with laboratory test reports.
  3. Number third sign- Congenital heart disease suffering newborn, human baby have one more problem and that problem is related to respiration. And, that is it is not normal; their respiratory rate is increased as compared to normal newborn human babies.
  4. Number fourth and fifth sign- Sometimes it happens with newborn human babies born with congenital heart disease, they turn blue; that is, their skin show bluish tan appearance or they my show fifth sign, go in shock state with low blood pressure.
  5. Number sixth sign- Some congenital heart disease born infant have abnormal heart sound with heart rate abnormal as their disease case.
  6. Number seventh sign- Some child who are of newborn age, who have started walking; some time face fainting episodes in which child suddenly fall and cannot tell what happened to him or her.

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