How To Check That You Are Suffering From Anxiety Or Not?

Anxiety is such a tiring disease, from which now in fact everybody is depressed. Yes, it is disorder of such kind, mind phobia from which everybody is frustrated.

No doubt, everybody want to get liberated of it, but are unable in doing it; sometimes, because they are not aware of fact, that the frustration which they are having all time, from which they want to get cleared of, the reason behind it most of time is anxiety.

Sometimes people are aware of fact that they are distressing from chronic anxiety disorders, but sometimes they does not know. Sometimes they does not know that they are suffering from or having acute anxiety episodes. If you are one of them who want to know, how to check it, then here comes

diagnosing criteria for you.

How to check whether you are anxiety patient or not? How to check that you are suffering from anxiety or not, the diagnosing criteria for it, as follow-

People who suffer from anxiety shows following signs and experience following symptoms which are-

1. Number one, suffer all time from negative thoughts regarding a thing, regarding which they have all their worry centered on. Hard to think positive thoughts on that topic or thing regarding which they have worry. If they think positive thoughts regarding worry-full matter, then it is always forcefully thought, not willfully thought. That is, they say that not a single time, they have positive thoughts coming to mind naturally regarding worry-full matter.

2. Number second thing- They always need to keep their body in restless mode, when they experience anxiety episodes. That is, when these anxiety episodes occur, people shows, increased limits of body movements which they normally does not show on such increased count. And, these are either repeating

same phrase, same body movements, chattering teeth, clutching hands moving here and there again and again. That means, in anxiety not only person is mentally restless, but also there is physical restlessness present too. Cannot sit at once place without haphazardness.

3. Number third thing- is, always reproaches others for their solutions of their problems. Cross check things again and again. Even after cross checking many times, they feel the need to recheck. They always say that, give reason for this recheck that they think, they have not done task correctly, due to which they need to recheck that it is completed correctly and completely or not. Repetition of same work is found very much by them again and again.

4. Not confident enough is fourth anxiety symptom experienced by them. Feel that lack of confident nature, always distrustful of matters, that they will not reach to desired aim. Always distrustful, always think of work failure.

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