Health Tips That Singers Should Follow, To Avoid Voice Problems

Singing profession demands so much devotion, if you want to be good singer. It requires repeated rehearsals to improve voice quality; but it also requires health maintenance of your throat; so that, your vocal cords can give that improved voice quality, during singing.

For this, I am giving below, some health tips that singers can use, to maintain optimum health of their throat; as well as of vocal cords, which help in singing-                                      

1. No ice-cream-

Yes, neither eat ice-cream, nor drink excessively cold drink and do not drink excessively cold water. Singers should avoid them, as they, can hamper health of their vocal cords. They can cause, hoarseness of voice and can also cause cough or coryza.

  • And, I do not need to tell you that how much cough, coryza, hoarseness of voice and decreased quality of health of vocal cords; can hamper your singing
    sessions and ultimately singing career because of, so much leaves from singing sessions because of, facing difficulty in singing.

2. Do not over-rehearsal or over work-

Yes, this is the second health tip, which is a kind of habit that singers should follow; in their whole singing career, since they started singing. Yes, they should not do over-rehearsals of a song or over work their singing job.

  • This is because, it can tire their vocal cords and decrease their capacity to produce good sound. So, if you do not want to sing badly; then do not over rehearse, a song and do not, do over-singing.
  • Because, if you keep on tiring your vocal cords, with over rehearsals; or with over work of, too much singing; then it can cost you, to quit your singing career because of bad quality, of singing resulting, out from over work.

3. No excess sour and spicy things-

Yes, singers should also avoid, excessively sour and excessively spicy things, on daily basis; as it can source out throat problems, which can result in hoarseness of voice, in future. And, hoarseness of voice, you know very well; is how much bad, for your singing.

4. Should consume 1 tablespoon honey, 3 times a day-

Yes, this singing health tip, will help singers;

in maintaining optimum quality of health. If you use this health tip then, when you have throat problems; like cough, coryza or hoarseness of voice; then it cures them.

  • But, if you follow this health tip then, when you do not have these above throat problems; then it, can help in maintaining, good health of your throat and vocal cords and also prevent, above diseases from occurring.

5. Water gargles, in morning and in bad health, in winters and monsoon-

Yes, singers should do water gargles; whenever they have, bad throat health and also in winters and monsoon season, when throat problems like cough, coryza, and laryngitis occur very much.

6. Should eat dates fruit in winter-

Yes, singers should eat, “dates” fruit in winter days; to maintain laxity, of their throat muscles.

7. Must have sound sleep-

Yes, along with above singing health tips, singers should follow, this singing health tip as well, to maintain their good health and also to remove stress of whole day; which can hamper their whole health; if they do not sleep, sound sleep of minimum 8-9 hours every day.

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