Health Steps To Follow After Festive Season

Diwali has gone, Gurpurb has gone; but festive season is not gone fully, it has taken a pause; because Christmas festival is still due. Festive season has taken a just pause now, as there is no festival now.

But, it will start again with Christmas; after then, will come new year celebrations; then Lohri, then republic day; then Basant Panchami; then Holi and then Navratri again and it will take a pause again, after Ram Navami. So, it is best for you, if you utilize festive pause to maximum; by following those health steps, which you must follow, after festive season to maintain good health.

What are these health steps? These health steps, whose health routine you must follow; after festive season are-

1. Soup diet in evening-

Soup diet in evening, which should be

your health step for evenings; after festive season, at least for one week; in place of fried snacks with tea. This health step is required, as you have switched to, so much fried food in festive season; so its time to switch to soup diet, in evening post festivals; for at least 1 week.

2. Yoghurt meal in morning-

This is 2nd health step, on which you need to act. In place of heavy meal, after festive season act on health step of yoghurt meal; in morning for at 1 week. On this health step, you need to act; because, as mentioned in 1st health step that already a lot of heavy food gulping has been done in festive season; so stop, further heavy gulping.

3. Fruits and pulses in afternoon-

The 3rd health step to follow post festivals, is to have fruits and pulses in afternoon. The reason behind it is that pulses with wheat roti or rice, will act as

light meal and fruits will do the work of detoxification. And, on detoxfying human body, post festive season, one need to act very urgently; because lot of heavy food have gone in system, which have raised the cholesterol and glucose level inside body.

4. Light exercise in morning and evening-

This is 4th health step, which one need to implement immediately; after festive season. Light exercise in morning and evening should be your health routine after festivals. It will bring back cholesterol and glucose levels, which got raised; from heavy food gulping in festive season, to normal.

5. Peppermint extract empty stomach-

This step you need to do on, 3 alternate days for a week; post festive days. It will help in detoxifying your human body, of air pollutants; which you inhaled during festive season, by burning fire-crackers. And, it will also detoxify human body of, excess free radicals; manufactured from heavy food gulping.

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