Health Benefits Of Eating Cooked Food

Yes, there are some foods, which we eat raw and there are also another category of foods, which we cook. And, there are also different ways, to cook food.

But, why certain foods are cooked; whereas certain foods are eaten raw? This is because, certain foods like fruits, which are soft; can be eaten easily in raw form, as they are easily digestible, in raw form. But, why other category of foods are cooked? Well, they are cooked, because of following reasons-

1) Food can be eaten easily, this way-

Well, some foods like, chicken, vegetables, pulses and rice are eaten in cooked form; because they become soft, after cooking and can be eaten easily then. Whereas without cooking, they are not soft like fruits; which cannot be eaten easily.                                                                                                                                

2) Food
get digested easily, this way-

This is the second reason, for cooking food and also second health benefit of cooking food. Yes, foods like chicken, vegetables, pulses and rice get digested easily; when eaten cooked.

  • First of all, foods like chicken and pulses, cannot be eaten raw because they are hard, when eaten raw.
  • And, why not cook them, when you can have two health benefits; of getting them eaten easily and digested easily, just by cooking them.

3) Food tastes much better, when cooked-

3rd health benefit of cooking food is that certain foods tastes better, when cooked; then why not cook them? Because certain foods like bitter gourd, which taste bitter, when uncooked; but taste yummy, when cooked.

  • Similarly, non-vegetarian food stuffs like egg, chicken, fish, seafood, vegetables, pulses and rice taste much yummier, when cooked; instead of, when not cooked.
  • And, another benefit is that you can create different tasting options, with different cooking methods.

4) Brings out therapeutic effect of food, when cooked-

This is 4th reason and 4th health benefit of cooking food because it brings out, extract of food in gravy and also activates, certain enzymes in seasonings; which are not active in their raw form.

So, along with getting yummy taste, food getting eaten easily and food getting digested easily; you get medicinal therapeutic properties of certain

foods and certain seasonings on cooking them, which help in treating and preventing various diseases.

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