Health Benefits Of Black Salt

Black salt's name is black, but when, it is converted to powdered form, from its rock shape; then, it appears slight pinkish in color. In previous article, I discussed with you, health benefits of jal jeera; today's topic is black salt.
Health Benefits of Black Salt
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These health benefits are also reasons, why you should add black salt in your balanced diet? Yes to have, these health benefits, you have to make, black salt a part of your balanced diet's ingredients list. So here comes, black salt’s those health benefits, which are-

1) Natural appetizer just like jal Jeera-

Yes, in last article on Health Section blog, I told you that Jal Jeera is a natural appetizer; similar do is black salt. So, if you being anemic or kidney patient, suffering from loss of appetite; then add 1/2 teaspoon, of black salt to food, while cooking it.

  • But, if
    you somehow forget to add it, while cooking food
    ; then sprinkle a pinch of it, on your food and then, eat your meal; you will definitely finish your whole meal; without leaving its uneaten, meal portion in plate.

2) Low on sodium content, but high on digestive properties-

Yes about black salt, scientists have confirmed that it is low on sodium quantity, as compared to normal refined white table salt. So, if you’re advised by doctor, to consume less sodium; then on reducing sodium content, by reducing white salt in diet, you yourself have felt that it does not taste better, nor does it get digested properly.

  • Then, you can replace that much quantity of white salt, which doctor asked you to reduce; with black salt. Medical scientists have approved it, according to results of their investigations that who are instructed to consume less salt; can replace their usual white salt, with black salt; as it is found low in sodium quantity, but high on digestive properties, in scinetific investigations.
  • So it will, not only solve your low salt problem; but also solve digestive problems.

3) Natural cleaner for human body-

Yes, black salt is very good natural cleaner for human body. You can use it, to clean your closed skin pores. It is such a greater cleanser that if you are not getting your skin deep clean with any skin care solution; then just put, 1/2 teaspoon of it in lukewarm water and then, bath your

skin with it; it will not only deep cleanse your skin, but also deep cleans clogged skin pores.

  • But, it will also whiten your skin, by removing dead skin cells, on your skin and let new cell layer, to come on front.

4) Natural healer of inflammatory throat problems-

Black salt's this miracle, you all must have listened in your childhood life, from your mother; when you got cough in your throat. Yes, black salt is such a great natural healer of throat problems that if you gargles your oral cavity, with salted water, salted with 3 pinch of black salt, daily; then it will, not only cure your inflammatory throat problems; but will also cure, respiratory inflammatory problems, if you have any.

5) Natural taste enhancer of fruit juices and fruit salads-

It is advised by doctors for kids, who do not like to drink fruit juices or do not eat fruit salad. Yes very often, in drinking certain fruit and vegetable juices, like Mosambi, apple juice or carrot juice; children show hesitancy. In that time of life, they just know taste of things and not their health benefits.

  • So food stuffs, like certain fruit juices because of lack of taste factor in them; you can remove their hesitancy or obstinism towards those fruit juices and fruit salads, by adding a taste factor of, a pinch of black salt in them.
  • It will not only add a taste factor; but also delivers, health benefits of those fruits too; towards whom, earlier children were reluctant, just because of lack of taste factor in them.

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