Give These Healthy Eating Choices, To Children To Eat

With opening of, so much fast food shops in market; it is very difficult for children, to control their gesture to eat fast food and also difficult for parents, to say no again and again. Then, what is solution? How this difficulty can be solved, so that children can enjoy taste of fast food; but do not get harms of fast food?

Well, solution of this problem is that we need to make, fast foods of children healthy fast foods; which contain taste of fast food; but also contain nutrition factor, of health food too and does not harm their health. Well, to fulfill this purpose, I have given below, some healthy eating choices; which you can give to your children for eating, which give them nutrition of health food and yummy taste of fast food too-

Homemade healthy Sandwich and burger, with tomato chutney or mint chutney-

Yes, you can make healthy sandwich and burger at home; by deleting frying burger option, which

some fast food joints do; by frying buns of burger. Just use, little oil, tomato chutney, simple processed cheese and some vegetables.

  • You can stuff sandwich and burger, with any boiled vegetable. You can use mashed mixture of vegetables, in sandwich and sliced vegetables in burger.
  • Remember, vegetables should be boiled and season it, with tomato or mint chutney; whichever your children likes.

Curd with stuffed paranthas, made with less oil-

This is another healthy eating choice, which you can give; to your children in morning. Whereas, homemade burger and sandwich, you can give to them; on some days, in evening with tea.

  • Make stuffed paranthas, with vegetable of choice of your children; but do not use excess oil; use very little oil, which is sufficient to give, taste of oil.
  • But, do not serve, stuffed paranthas with heap of bowel of butter. Give just, 1 teaspoon of butter and 1 small bowel of curd with stuffed paranthas; to children to eat in morning.

Whole grain made roti with vegetables-

Yes, you can give this healthy eating choice to your children; in lunch for eating. You can give, 1 bowel of curd with whole grain roti

and vegetables recipe; if vegetable recipe you made without gravy.

  • But, if you have made vegetables with gravy; then, you can give whole grain made roti; simply with gravy vegetable recipe.

Fruit salad, fruit shake and fruit juices-

Yes fruit salad, you can give to children; in place of tea times, on some days. You can give them fruit salad, made with yoghurt; if they like with yoghurt.

  • But, if they do not want to eat, same yoghurt fruit salad every time; want variety in taste, then you can give them; just fruit salad, seasoned simply with pinch of black salt.
  • Fruit shake, you can give to them in monsoon and fruit juices in summer, in between meals in Holidays and in morning breakfast, on school days.

Pulses with rice-

Pulses with rice, is another healthy eating choice; which you can give, to your children to eat, in lunch in summers; if they, do not like pulses, with whole grain roti.

  • Give them, this healthy eating choice, of pulses with rice. It will give protein and starch dose to their body.

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  • souvik1  16-11-2014

    Excellent article Dr Simran.

    In West Bengal, the mothers feed their children with lot of vegetables like spinach, cauliflower, ladies finger, bottle guord, and also river fishes like tangra, parshe, koi, magur, and make curry for them.

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