Does Fatty Food Gulping Can Cause High Blood Pressure?

Gulping too much fatty food trend increasing.

Yes, people one side gulp lot of chicken stuff, fatty food stuff and then ask, why their blood pressure, their diabetes is not decreasing?

Let me ask them one thing, when you are consuming things which are responsible for increasing blood pressure in amount which defiantly cause high blood pressure, then with which basis you are arguing the blood pressure is not decreasing, when you yourself gulping causes in increasing gulp amount?

Yes, being a doctor myself and practicing in clinic, I have seen people gulping excess amount of fried things three times daily, and then innocently asking why my blood pressure

is not decreasing, why it is increasing? Oh fried things regular consumer, when you are gulping fried things all three times; in breakfast, lunch and dinner; then how are you expecting that your blood pressure will not raise? You are gulping the cause fried things yourself.

I have example at my home, my father, who is consuming fried thing in morning in breakfast; buttery things in lunch and dinner; daily from four years. And, then innocently asking why my blood pressure is increasing? How many times we all family members told him that not make habit of consuming these fatty, buttery and fried things intake daily; but he is so obstinate that he does not listen to anyone and keep on consuming them.

And, when we stopped cooking these fried, fatty and buttery food stuff; so that his blood

pressure does not get raised; then you know what he started doing? He started adding a lot of butter, lot of ghee to his low fat, low ghee food we give to him to lower his blood pressure. Such obstinate and such a head strong he is and after knowing harms of these excess fat, fried and buttery things consumption, he is still consuming them.

My request to all those people, who cannot leave their fried, buttery and fatty food eating to do, regular exercise; because my father is doing it daily and it is helping him to lower his blood pressure and saving him from shifting to diabetes stage.

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