Do You Know Which Functions Liver Performs In Human Body?

Let's know a very little portion of health information related to liver.

Liver, you all know is very important key organ of human body and you all know it most gravely damaged by excess consumption of alcohol and fat and something toxic to liver coming from your diet. And also, there are certain diseases which damage it bad way.

But, that is not topic of our article today that what things damage it. Topic of our article today is, "Functions which liver organ performs in human body". Liver organ performs very important vital key functions in human body which are-

  1. Liver function number one- Liver organ supply required form of food in molecular form
    required to provide nutrition and build human body; by making food go through its catabolic process to acquire this required molecular form.
  2. Liver function number two- Liver organ also supply through its catabolic process required form of energy needed to run various human body functions. And, that form of energy is heat energy, which liver do the work of extracting from food and supply it to human body.
  3. Liver function number three- Liver organ controls the anabolic as well catabolic reactions, which lipid and cholesterol component food has to go through.
  4. Liver function number four- Liver not only supply the required nutrition in required molecular form, by making it go through catabolic process of metabolism; but also can synthesize amino acids like nutrients and plasma proteins like nutrients inside human body through its nutrients synthesizer process called anabolic process.
  5. Liver function number five- Liver
    also acts like a filter, which you install in your house. It do the same function of filtering inside your human body. Liver do function of filtering inside your human body like a water filter does in your house, which filter the toxic elements from water that pass through it; similar function of filtering liver do to toxic elements synthesized inside as well as coming from outside of human body.
  6. Liver function number six- Liver not only do above functions, it can do function of storage also. Yes, it stores inside it excess of fat nutrient, glucose nutrient and vitamin nutrient; when too much of them get entered inside human body through excess consumption of food containing them. It stores them when in excess and use this storage as back up supply when they are deficient in human body.

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