Do You Know Shocking Facts Related To Heart Diseases In 2013?

Today's article is on heart diseases, heart health and their causes's statistical data.

But, have you noticed recently in 2013 statistical facts, which scientists have given after their thorough research? Shocking facts have come forward related to heart diseases in 2013, which are as follow-

  1. Do you know how many deaths heart diseases do annually in India? Heart diseases are responsible for causing around twenty percent of total deaths annually in India. But, do you know which age group comes under this percent of total death annually in India from heart diseases? This age group mostly comes under of age of middle to old age group, that is, from 25 to 69 years of
    age group.
  2. But, do you know which gender is affected more among this percent of total death annually among Indians? Indian women are affected as much by heart diseases as Indian men. The difference of ratio of percentage of deaths among both genders from heart diseases is only 0.2 percent, which is not much large difference.
  3. Although, people are affected both in urban as well as rural areas of India from these diseases. And, deaths do occur from heart diseases in both areas; but more people die of heart diseases, heart attacks in urban areas than they do die in rural areas. And, percentage of people dying of heart diseases in urban areas is thirty percent of total deaths, that occur in India from heart diseases.
  4. But, do not worry after reading these shocking facts related to heart diseases that has come out

    in 2013, because there is another heart healthy fact which I think everybody of all of you know, repeatedly heard from your doctors and from your dieticians that these heart diseases can be prevented to large extent, if we make some minor changes in our way of living and include these heart healthy habits in our day to day routine which are-
  • Include more of vegetables and vitamin C rich fruits in your diet, consume less of creamy food items in your daily diet. But, if you want to consume fatty acids; then consume heart friendly fatty acids and keep it healthy.
  • Have habitual morning walk of around one kilometer daily and regularly check once in a day your blood pressure daily and periodically check once in month your blood glucose level monthly.
  • Do habitual meditation or yoga or habitually listen to music to keep your stress level low and hence to keep your blood pressure in typically normal range, as stress also upraise your blood pressure.

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  • Dr.Simran  03-09-2014
    Well, it is good to know from both of you mylindaelliott and goldstay; that article does the work of informing for which it was intended.
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  • goldstay  30-08-2014
    In the Philippines, more males are commonly affected by cardiovascular diseases than women. Now, I have a comparison data about the cases between India and the Philippines.
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  • mylindaelliott  28-08-2014
    I didn't know all of those facts about ; It sounds like you are giving good advice though.
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